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  1. Spate aka .... aka ........ aka ....... aka ......... aka ..........................been around the Sydney traps for a fair while.
  2. It may have been a While but ... REST IN PEACE to.. Twelv - FWP and Frenzy Two West Sydney Legends....
  3. OHHH YEAHHHHH>>>>>>W3RDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Damn..... Rest In Peace
  5. http://pic4.picturetrail.com/VOL61/961766/inbox/28721.jpg'> kewda http://pic4.picturetrail.com/VOL61/961766/inbox/84619.jpg'> jiesk http://pic4.picturetrail.com/VOL61/961766/inbox/53793.jpg'> jiesk-wei2 http://pic4.picturetrail.com/VOL61/961766/inbox/89810.jpg'> moner
  6. come zin man i know you got some more steel then that on ur little computer throw some more never seen shit up
  7. yeah i know man mainly sydney love his shit
  8. no nice productions or nothing just some recycled shit from around mainly syd city http://nuclearhosting.org/ths/pics/BREN%20CAIBS.jpg'> http://nuclearhosting.org/ths/pics/Rebels.jpg'> http://nuclearhosting.org/ths/pics/Sikspanel.jpg'> http://nuclearhosting.org/ths/pics/dream.jpg'> http://nuclearhosting.org/ths/pics/dyms_truckin.jpg'> http://nuclearhosting.org/ths/pics/kams%20kero%20ken%20baer.jpg'> http://nuclearhosting.org/ths/pics/styles.jpg'> http://nuclearhosting.org/ths/pics/30.jpg'> http://nuclearhosting.org/ths/pics/32.jpg'> http://nuclearhosting.org/ths/pics/39.jpg'>
  9. morphachmedeus ay what what GEEEK hush you gronk pubes is a queensland riter so what you think im dumb or something dick ay lad fuck you aint the be al;l and end all of graff GEEKY FREAKK AHHHHHHHH so what ay aya yayayayayayaya uuhh so what cunt you comin on here with your so called fuckhead magot melbourne cunt so what ay ay fucking dick dick fuck what ay what was the piont ay youll say i was just staing the fact the truth is you wanted to be cool isnt you want people to think your head is full of graff knowlageable thoughts dick fuck you just wanted to put me on show to make your self look good FUCK head that the lowest kind of gronkism why did you get picked on when you where lilte are you in this graff game to make friends that you wished you had when you were a nerd in high school and everybody farted on you and fucked your mamma ay aya ay WHAT ay melbourne toys on the block suck alot of dick only a selected few riters down there keeping it real and kutting sick ,,, yall dont listen to this cunt what he gonna com back with his nerdy jar up technequie thsat the nerd learned in hizzzzzzzzigh scholl uhhhh dont listen to him we all can make it if you got the heart dont let fags like him cut you short cause you not down with the eas droppin dick ridin fo stuff riters likw morfffear US noo have it cunt have dont worry man i dont give a cear 4 you man what just dont know why fools like you try to be "COOL" hahahahahhahahah cool what a word bet you say cool or sick or radicool man or maybe your a hiphop wanna be with your DOPE woord man funky yalll...hahahahaha anyways dont thinkof talkin to me i bet your a nice guy but just dont know how ur comin across fuck it ima goast i didnt say anything FUCK ALL OF YALL WOOOOOOOOT WORD IS THAT COOL
  10. yeah i was lucky enuf to see a pubes panel with urge on a ridge the other day no camera though has anybody got any of mr pubes recent handy work in sydney
  11. hahahaHA you moron skew bites pubes ha not in slightest bgs not an aussie crew its german mate wake up whats with stupid disses from uneducated graffiti toys to australias train kings grow a penis and smell the coffie dickhead
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