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  1. diggin the tags and outlines...i'm from hawaii and i'll be there in april. can anybody help me out with spots and what not? hit me up on e-mail if can ;)
  2. http://www.commtechnologies.com/images/toys.jpg'>
  3. siner straight styled...not wild http://www.guerillaone.com/interviews_04_11_00/Siner/01.jpg'>
  4. here some wild for you siner http://www.guerillaone.com/interviews_04_11_00/Siner/thumbnails/02.gif'>
  5. "B" is tight, "O" is rubbish, "A" has potentiol, "T" looks funny, "stars are nice nice, but the cracks look like tape worms
  6. Re: Re: read this all of you all i can suggest is to check out "subway art" and "spraycan art" two books that imspired me when i first started...i know those books were imsperation for alot of writters. the shit back then was all style.... you proberlly can find them at a library. don't be affraid to bite becauce everyone does it when your first start off....just don't make that shit a habbit. but by copying the classic stuff you'll get off to a great strat, and your natural instincts will twist the shit up;)
  7. workin...11hr shifts 6 days a week. mostly have time to just see whats going on then i'm out. was gonna paint today but i'm too drunck.. anyways here's an example... also look for sketchs by "zone" he rocks the wild styles... B]http://www.artcrimes.com/conn/kem.jpg'> [/b]
  8. read this all of you plese don't refer to 2 years as a vet. i've bin writtin since 93 and i'm still a rookie. wild style is a true art...one thing about wild style is figuring out, how to discet your letters. next step is presenting it so it's ledgable. this is the reson why you need to learn your letters first. i'll be back with examples:idea:
  9. ^^ not really, it's a year old
  10. mad ups for all the new writters getting theirs, but there are two things that you should know... first, perfect your tag... a bangin piece with a rubbish tag, makes the whole piece look :o second, funk with no letter stucture might look dope, but to those disecting your work it's just :yuck: but in all i love seeing eveyone's progresstion ;) <span style='font-family:arial'>SEARE DE"KREW</span>
  11. dork

    Drinking games

    THE WAY WE PLAY KINGS THE WAY WE PLAY KINGS ace= 1 drink 2= 2 drinks 3= 3 drinks 4= person to the right takes a drink 5= person to the left takes a drink 6,7,8= luckys no one drinks 9= rule cards(ex. everytime you drink, you must drink with your right hand and put your drink down with your left hand, he/she who fails to do so drinks again) 10= social(everyone drinks) jack= all dudes drink queen= all ladies drink "king"= pour all of remaining drink into the huge cup. AND THE LAST KING CHUGS EVERYTHING IN THE CUP:king: :krunk:
  12. tre, u going to the art show?.... hit me up, seare;)
  13. you guys suck....quit posting, close this thread
  14. http://klerck.org/oh.jpg'>
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