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  1. Oh you mean 80% of the writers in this town?
  2. Does anyone have flicks of el roofs before they all got buffed? It was ridiculous how many views this dude had back then.
  3. I spotted a nise tag in hungdae too along with a couple marker slams from some msk dudes. edit: might have been apujong (sp?)
  4. Re: don't do this are you making a feeble attempt to help your internet-friend?
  5. Re: don't do this Actually thats exactly what I'm saying. Except for the "people must actually like me!!" part, which is completely irrelevant.
  6. Re: don't do this Don't do that? el oh fucking el. You were probably so happy someone recognized your pathetic existence in graffiti that you busted a nut on the spot and immediately rushed home to make a topic about it on 12 oz. Don't be afraid to admit it. You are after all a writer (i suppose).
  7. Skrew got some serious heart for an out of towner. Neighborhoods no joke.
  9. pa two pa, post more of those old el roofs.
  10. Every out of town writer that I've talked to is disappointed, specifically with the center city area.
  11. I do this too, particularly in the summer. I also wipe standing up and when I'm drunk I piss sitting down.
  12. As soon as I seen this thread I immediately thought of the Star Wars episode. That part where hes talking to that Lord of the Rings dude is absolutely hilarious.
  13. yeah, that tall hand is absolutely horrendous. the fill ins stay clean though, props.
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