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  1. ArizerOne


    Stolen from another thread...but way too slept on.
  2. ArizerOne


    I don't make it a habit of talking on this shit very often, but all this little girl shit is making me sick. Steer this back on course. Words can't quite express how much we'll miss you.
  3. ArizerOne


    Revise CMW is my favorite asian.
  4. ArizerOne


    The internet is 100% something I will never understand...why kids are sitting around speculating as to someone they don't know's character due to their graffiti just doesn't make sense to me. However, something that does make sense is that Cern is a fucking killer and good, down to earth human being. The end. He gets my respect...and that's all that matters anyway.
  5. ArizerOne


    check your PMS mr. santa sock.
  6. Go Ridl...droids crew. ...oh yeah...and Atak.
  7. Fragile, Crow, Shrugger...Droids family.
  8. "oh shit...yo prae is that a helicopter?...hey prae...is that a copcar?!"
  9. Fragile Crow Droids Crew...and Shrugger streaks
  10. good god...this thread was overdue...lock the doors, i'm coming for your couch again themo and acet.
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