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  1. OldE

    Graff Girls

  2. OldE

    Graff Girls

    http://www.datazap.net/free/tracingoutlines/fasetSIdeegan.jpg'> http://www.datazap.net/free/tracingoutlines/fasetSIbqe.jpg'> http://www.datazap.net/free/tracingoutlines/fair.jpg'> http://www.datazap.net/free/tracingoutlines/fairtruck.jpg'> http://www.datazap.net/free/tracingoutlines/facetohio2.jpg'> http://pic7.picturetrail.com:80/VOL188/1012248/1888012/22482986.jpg'>
  3. ACET PFE mostly stolen from tha PFE post <img src=http://www.geocities.com/commando_b2000/themo_acet_faust_mes.jpg> <img src=http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid23/p8c14f47d70ca9f7eefc2710b3f920a89/fd9e7150.jpg> <img src=http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid23/pf9f31a9f200c28554e74845bb7d64e6d/fd9e6bc4.jpg <img src=http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid24/pbb377986581d07b004279c06bf3b4a28/fd939699.jpg> <img src=http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid24/pa0e6b3e36f92d7680e96c7c8b92fa3e5/fd939377.jpg>
  4. Re: THATS WHY NIGGAZ GET GASSED uhhhh yeah well these niggas they DO get jocked. alot. maybe not for they steez cause ill say that they aint got steez worth jockin, but hell, they up like a motherfucker. and who the hell are you anyways?
  5. 1. how you know i dont know about seattle much less never been there? anyways, i like 3f's steez and i was giving them props for that. 2. apologies for misunderstanding about the younger kids thing. 3. i wasnt raggin on out of towners in nyc, i was raggin on nyc crews. i dont get why you thought i was talkin about out of town kids, cause i wasnt. ohh who gives a fuck.
  6. ookaaaaaay. number fuckin one. you sound type bitter about younger kids gettin up in "your" city (and as far as im concerned, you dont own seattle) and that they are "transient". so what. who cares. they get up, why you bitchin bout it? number two. "true bombers, nyc style". "the types that you want on your side so you don't end up scarred". HAHAHAHAHAHA. i dont know even know where to start with that. as an nyc writer who knows a whole lotta other writers, i would have to say that its pretty fuckin difficult to find niggas who dont just act hard and arent pussies underneath it. every single crew i know thats known for bein hard are mostly the type of kids that reaaaally talk alot and then when it comes down to action they just throw bottles at heads from like down the block. id say the majority of kids are like that. i aint sayin that there arent niggas that'll throw down for their homeboys, cause there are, but that aint 80% of the nyc graff scenes steez. anyways, "true bombers, nyc style" is a silly statement cause who decided nyc bombing was the "true style"? whatever. this shit is stupid. props to 3f.
  7. Re: Re: word kers isnt.... ummm...... from ny but anyway you hit it on the nose. killin shit with proper spots all over the fuckin city and his grimey dirtyass stock cap fill ins are what i like about that nigga. as for this kers, that piece is hurting bad- that can change over time- but yo for reals the name is played out. keep on practicin tho.
  8. HAHAHAHA. im not sayin give up info, even if the kid didnt sound like a tool yall niggas know better than to say some stupid shit. that said, im off to go hang out with mayor bloomberg. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  9. obviously this kid ISNT a narc, just some fool being retarded or fuckin around. do yall niggas actually think that the vandal squad is this stupid? those motherfuckers jock graff harder than most writers, they know whats up, they aint stupid. they know the lingo and they know how to play yall niggas out- and its not by soundin like this stupid ass kid.
  10. Re: Go man go! hahahah JOE BLOW. gotta love that niggas username is the infamously cocksucking faggotass dickhead vandal squad's name. :crazy:
  11. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. this shit is too funny.:lol:
  12. i think aroe is definitely fresh. but yo, people can have their own opinions on style- example: i dont feel, lessee, KEL 5MH's style. i dont like his throwies, handstyles or straight letters. that dont mean i dont respect him or his shit, or that i dont give him props or know that hes pretty accomplished. i just dont feel it. and yo, aero, aroe. spelled totally differently. i dont get the beefin over that. get over it. there are thousands of writers and only so many words, and those two aint even the same.
  13. OldE

    new york summer 02

    yooo im sayin yo, all yall outta towners NEED to get the fuck offa canal and that whole neighborhood........ and bombing in nyc is easy? hahahahahahah. get the fuck outta here.
  14. what you gotta do is get any sort of bucket paint that is OIL BASED. that latex shit dont rock. primer is fine as long as it aint latex- try KILLZ or BINS. get yourself some paint tint to make dope summersquash, harbor blue, berry pink or jade green mops. if it doesnt run good then thin it out with paint thinner or alcohol.
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