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your all gay

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  1. hahahahhahahahahhaaa you funny bastard, i do hope your joking!:D :D
  2. Listen you stupid fucking idiot: If you dont think that, shape, placement, form, have a lot to do with the quality of a piece then your a fucking stupid toy in denial. You can do what you want and call it a style, but you are still gay. Go for it, i dont give a fuck, do your "coooool" "your way" "king style" shit. When the only people who give you props in your city are 14 year old wack ass toys, fucking cry about it then masterbate to them. fucking wack ass toy. Yeah, dont listen to advice, and complain about how you want things your way, thatll make you king in no time, and youll get some fucking friends!!!. cool huh?! Fuck you... Go back to elementary school with that toy, child logic.
  3. your all gay

    heres one

  4. hahahahhqa god damn you fucking toy! Everything you just said shows you know nothing! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, stupid fucker!!!
  5. what the fuck are you talking about ^^^^!??!
  6. man fuck you bitch ass nigga, post yo own damn shit.
  7. daaaaaaaaaamn, that fuckin kangaroo got fucked up. Word fo that fire nigga!
  8. bitch ass nigga dont get yo grill broke
  9. yeah, that solarize feature aint helpin too much either
  10. AHHAHAHAHAHHAA, that shits gay yo
  11. you got the basic concept, but your letters, placement, shaping, handstyle, and originality needs a lot work. Your doing graffiti for a school assignment? FUCK THAT! word though, word
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