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  1. a public apology to sneke for talking crazy and biting the hand that fed me...again
  2. squanto: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: you a sucker if i put it on you you' ll call the cop's you'll testify. i'll go to jail and you'll still be on the internet talking shit. so type on i don't care. you're the coward cause you see me and dont say shit. i dont know who you are and dont care Ironchef: aint no style but FBA style Hella Maze album in stores soon Kelly what up Daft thug roar what up DIE FOR you saying my name to entertain your crew i aint playing no games lil wigger the games through
  3. you aint dissing me unless you say my name. dont worry about the styles i paint or where i paint, worry about staying out of my way and keeping my name and the name's of my bloods outta your mouth unless you are saying some thing respectfull. you was real polite when you saw me at the club... **Die Feezy** The take over 05
  4. punk bitches diss people at a legal wall and hit up other people ... all you little and not so little dudes be biteing off that same style stop fronting. and pluto that's not you be yourself Lil Feezy... You playing a game you know you can't win Quit playing them childish games with grown men.
  5. my nigga the nigga Dub!!! You kids are all certified rats. The PO-9 come on here claiming to be people starting fights and you little homo's jump right in giving up info. y'all are about put somebody in jail quit it. ***** yall know***** I graduated at the streets, I'ma real O.G I been trappin' shootin' pistols since I stood four feet
  6. why are you on the Internet hot snitching telling what word's people might have wrote. describing people you're certified cock sucker, talking all this hot talk then when some one bust your shit you go run to the cop's, you're a Dick riding faggot you love the attention not every one is going to play this Internet shit with you ask hymn 2 ------> Die "stop telling people you aint seen me on the street" 4 <--- imma bout a dollar what the fuck is 50 cent
  7. stay in your place dissin face will get you mace **** DIE FOR****
  8. ************I KNOW WHO THUG BOAT IS*************** $500.00 BY FRIDAY ...I KNOW THE TWO OF YOU CAN COME UP WITH IT HAPPY NEW YEAR! ----->Die black hand of death 4 <------ you dont want no problems,problem
  9. You know where and how to find me. Stop playing games.... some people got it Confused, in person i wont want to talk so fix you face on here or...in person i will fix it for you ----> Full Time Die Feezy <---- I'm tryin to keep from killing you You still talkin shit to me you not as smart as you appear to be
  10. ----->Ladies Love Cool Die 4<----- will make your ship sink like the Titanic
  11. who's really a sucker You haven't told me who you are, why you got something to hide? all you have is graffiti rumor's and I've heard better I'm not going to pull any cards (and I've got proof) simply because you are just a jocker and you have nothing do with any of my situations, what's sad is that you really think your saying some thing something by the way i hate hip hop research me a little better next time Now tell your boy to change his word..... to those other kids and the next time you see us on phinney don't just yell stop the car and get out next time shout out to anser coke's step Mom for running me out of NYC ***Die For*** I get the boasters boasting, I get computers puting Y'all get shot at, call me, I do the shooting
  12. Die's Army Diss'n Suckas my Dick don't say Yamaha stop ridding it. this is my last post im not going to waste time with you stupid toys Berto burns all of you . that's not "DVS style" it's new york style learn some history young'n ********ATENTION********************************* Any one of you hot talking bitches want to get up with me use the directions posted earlier On this page I will be on the block at 7:30 sharp I invite you ... NO I DARE YOU to come holla at me, i will be by myself because unlike you fag's i aint got to hide behind a crew or a screen name. **Die Daddy Dollaz** My Dick don't say Yamaha stop ridding it. Godvitothegreat@hotmail.com
  13. stil no name.... :haha: :king: :king: ive got a fan thank you for puting my name in peoples mouth and if you knew any thing about graffiti you wound know that's the brodway style originated uptown by the creators of the art form not dvs .... have some self respect stop jockn me. ****Die Feezy***** Too strong for bastards to step to Leave wounds too drastic for rescue
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