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  1. whats with all this old etc shit. lets some new stuff guys. that sk looks like its straight outta victoria... lol
  2. flair is a loke shut the fuk up. serve u rots cru
  3. @nswer...

    my sketches.

    that shits wak. you dont hold shit down for melburn. i expected better out u aussies
  4. when i was in la last summer gue had la on lock. when i can scan i'll post my shit. a lot of flicks out the car window going down the freeway.
  5. he roked shit hard in vancouver in 96 under ENIGMA. along with eski, jabs, eatfuk, and one other guy. its amazing, after 6 years they still have the main and hastings alleys on lock, when i get a scanner its over.:D
  6. its tight and all, but in "90 hours" i expected more from you... till next time...
  7. am i the only one that was under the impression that nace took his own life... you never know what to believe
  8. whos wants to be down with my new crew LGD??? CAAMAN! LETS GET DIGITAL...DIGITAL...DIGITAL NOT!
  9. i laugh when i compare they played out "old man face" charachters that litter vancouver to these works of art
  10. not bad for "my last roll of film" superstore 3.99 developing=frugal photography ps. (just adding to my post tally)
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