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  1. Yea That one Sonik is from Nepal. It was in a Graphotism Magazine about a year and a half back. Known from Great Britan was on the cover. Sonik did a huge mural on the side of bank, in nepal, and all the profit from that went to pay for his trip to nepal. Hes got some raw ass style.
  2. On behalf of all the graffers in chicago I'd just like to say FUCK ALL YOU HATERS. You have no business talking shit about chicago, your all just some fucking pussies making ignorant comments online cuz you know if you came to chicago youd all get fucked up. Id also like to give props to all chicago graffers cuz there are some ill ass cats in this city that reck shit, it just doesnt last long. FUCK THE BUFF AND ALL THOSE BITCH ASS HATER MOTHERFUCKERS. Chicago graff for life. Just trying to keep shit real, and trying to set some shit straight. One last thing lets see all you toys do some shit like fact, flick it and then talk ur shit. But that wont happen cuz all of you are probably fake ass toys who do tags on the way to school and call yourself graffers. FUCK YALL. PEACE
  3. On some bored shit.....deicded to add to the thread http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/nextone16/MVC-001F.JPG'>
  4. Some shit that my boy ATLAS ONE FIK did. Kickin off page 18 http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/nextone16/KATCH.JPG'>
  5. WHats up Sect. Seen your posts in other chicago threads. Yea I write for a crew. Perfer not to drop crew names but whatever. You write for a crew? What part of chicago do you get up on? Hit me back
  6. Zack Morris sorry if your offended. I didnt mean to hurt your feelings!?!?!? Now back to the subject. If certain people could stop talking shit about new skewl graf and brown walls and just post some shit that would be nice.
  8. I was just searching for chicago black book shit in this forum and i didn't find anything. I myself am from chicago and i wanted to see what other cats are doing. I would post some of my own shit but i dont have a scanner. SO IF UR FROM CHICAGO AND YOU GOT SOME SHIT POST IT!!
  9. I was just wondering if any cats from chicago had any book work to show off. If you do post that shit. Peace
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