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  1. the ONLY thing worth smashin on the last few pages. And that's if you mushed her face in some scrambled eggs. Cuz drunk and hungry would make that sound pretty good.
  2. Mmmmhmmm french fried pertaters.
  3. Re: Any Pre-2006 members on anymore? (0.17 posts per day) not bad for a decade
  4. it seems like m. night shamamamalayman likes what he sees though
  5. The lightning bolts are there because he has sensitive teeth. Endorsement deals with Sensodine!
  6. I intend to prop this guy as soon as he's unbanned.:lol:
  7. Re: Dear ________, - no homo Dear Boner Pill offering spam, Thanks for being humorous for once. "When unzipping means unleashing a monster...watch ladies ooh and ahh with delight" -fester
  8. Peanutbutter and syrup on waffles= yes.
  9. I just tried to draw a Glik$ punching NeckFace picture... but I'm far to drunk to finish it. Tomorrow perhaps.
  10. 336am...no drawball ink....drunk... good morning?
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