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  1. fuck man....you should be sorry for those monstrosities but bump for totem, poser, visie, and the messy jerms
  2. Re: glue glue!!!! else and beg...good post
  3. thanks kabar here are some ill add: hobo by Ted Conover---amazon.com Rolling Nowhere : Riding the Rails with America's Hoboes by Ted Conover --amazon.com Citizen Hobo: How a Century of Homelessness Shaped America Kenneth L. Kusmer --amazon. this one is more of a history Hobo : A Young Man's Thoughts on Trains and Tramping in America by Eddy Joe Cotton--amazon.com here is a summary of what Hopping Freight Trains In America", by Duffy Littlejohn like kabar said, its great. "Hopping freights is not only dangerous, it's illegal," Littlejohn says, but he loves the adventurousness of it and the startling view of the country it gives. He tells you what sort of clothing is best (dark, and wear gloves), why it's easier to hop a freight in rural areas than in cities, why it's hard to find a train on Sundays and Mondays, how to know where you're going (try Rand McNally's Handy Railroad Atlas of the United States), and why railroad workers (except bulls and managers) are, in general, friendly to riders. He describes hobo jungles. He gives an insider's view of unions and characterizes various companies regarding their attitudes toward free rides (many of them look the other way, Littlejohn says, because riders are often migrant workers; the produce they harvest may end up as freight). Littlejohn gives a colorful history of railroads and how they affected cities--for instance, the "wrong side of the tracks" originally referred to where immigrants settled after the railyards were established. Finally, Littlejohn suggests where you can hop a freight in every state and most Canadian provinces, with some asides for certain cities. (In New Orleans, "get ready for some long bridge walks.") amazon.com of course....my new favorite shopping site
  4. vega....the greater los angeles area. and i patch, hook me up with a hard copy of that slug...i like it.
  5. I HATE THAT GAME!!! but good post
  6. yea i guess just a orgainized list. it would be good just so people (me) can write it down and save for later. i just bought two books on amazon. hobo and i for got the other one. great tool everyone. they have railroad atlas' but not a a very cheaper price. 75 for the updated one
  7. hope fourrrr guy passed out in the park hawt shiiit dawwwg
  8. glue and ohio... jesus u have a daughter??!!
  9. ill let the smart people do the talking
  10. naturl slim haha amaze with the nice flow guer simps terns joce kwest lewis aest...real nice when aels wisk who said there was a revok?
  11. dime's E and king i guess... i hopes theres more
  12. sick stuff i like the daze fade mad and gues lyes smog apart fo sheez spek bubbly glue---nice cta the mac
  13. good shit navy8 mberrr pepe and chip mber again! raels and the one before it learn aroe and a few more i forgot
  14. i like that kuput...a lot. two questions: what does a rail grinder do? and what were you doing up at 5am?:king:
  15. 1HalfOfMe

    THE 160 GAME

    i think it goes like this.... he posts four Xs and then its your turn to post four Xs, somthing like that... :mad:
  16. iv kinda been wondering about this same topic. id imagine it depends on the time they are there. you could watch when a train stops and see what the workers do, but that could be very time consuming. im coining the new phrase, "ask kabar"
  17. bumpski alright kabar, hats off to you. i read this whole thread, although it did take me a couple of days, and it was great. i had some questions but now i have forgotten them. ill come back when i rember, but dont stop posting. and if u did think about writing a book, a autobiography is a better idea than a freight book. your life story would be much more interesting and original than a freight hopping guide. see duffy littlejohn's freight train hoppin in america --great book. can you make a list of videos and movies that you cant thjink up off the top of your head. ++edit-i know you have listed books and movies but an organized list woiudl be great++thanks kabar
  18. eye pepe boxstars kwest hoax tre drunken outlines model trains!!!
  19. i shoulda listened when you said it wasnt worth looking at
  20. that second fatso is esp sick!! fatso A2M E2E cryos
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