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  1. damn yall argue a whole lot. listin. i like the ideas. keep workin. etch is a liquid that burns into glass and everything. it doesnt burn you. it sinks down into your bones and eats away at them. and causes cancer. so im stayin away. ill use a wood burner first.
  2. The first pause and the fetus are hot. Good lookin ou texass.
  3. Well. For filler, use an old sock, or a piece of a beater. And for a nib, use some sponge, or a chalk board eraser. They all work.
  4. Not really. Only shitty brands. If you get good quality paint then its ok. And you only need water too thin it.
  5. Does anyone have any OAF flicks from the bean? Hes got to be my favorite one liner. So fast, so simple, but so good. PLEASE. anyone?
  6. Man. People are fucked one way or another. If your that obvios, like they see you in the act, run like a motha fucka and hide then run then hide and stay at your boys house. And if there is no evidence, like they just wanna search you, and all they find is paint, then all they can do is take you back to your house and mabey charge u with a fine for having paint (cause u gotta be 18+ here to buy it, i dont know about being in posetion). But yea.
  7. I want to know, what is it like, and how can u get it, if you dont know someone who works for the city. Is there any way? Cause i here this shtis lethal.
  8. props on that idea but ASER1NE is right. But if anyone gets theyre hands on some of it, u better hold on auction cause that shit'd sell for MONAY. Whats the deal with this Car paint or that really strong paint that the city uses for signs and shit? Ive seen a few posts in various threads but Id like to know. Anyone?
  9. That swet van is off the hook. Im lovin it all. Does anyone have anymore bombs?
  10. There are COUNTLESS and i mean COUNTLESS threads let alone posts in this thread alone relating to kiwis and shoe polish mops. Just put some paint (ANY KIND) into a mostly empty kiwi and put the top on. VOILA!!!
  11. Statistics


    You are such a fucking IDIOT. you started the thread now U want it closed? Thats it. Someone either ban this fool or close all of his threads cause this heads a fuck face. Even if you have skills, spend your time PAINTING. theres always room for improvemtn. All that I gather from this thread is your mad. Well, I am too. But at things that matter like people i KNOW and will MEET OCCASIONALLY. So you live in a ghetto as you say or poeple say, well, fuck you ok. DEAL WITH THAT SHIT. cause u know what, if you bitch about what Mang says, then you are gonna stay in that "Ghetto" forever. PEACE
  12. No offense, but there was a wheat paste thread.
  13. Statistics


    God damn god damn
  14. That might work. If its squeezable. For the nib thing, Just use some pilot. A few drops and some water into the ink felt/fiber thing that hold the ink, and put the nib on. Ur set. Well, there are more steps but u know yea. As for things to use as mops, use mops. Im telllin ya, BIG tags with minimal time. Sloppy as fuck. Im gonna us a sponge with a bucket of ink this spring. On one wall. Im gonna do a border and shit. Its gonna be ill.
  15. Techniqly, isnt a highliter or any other marker, the same as a pilot esentially? Its a casing, with felt holding the ink, and a nib. Im gonna get some ink and wash out a mr. Sketch and see if it works.
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