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  1. Now that Baghdad is free...Iraqi's all over are going nuts...and most of the Arab world...i would like to know if all you anti war people...are still anti war (specifically war with iraq) and after the fuselage and chemicals...
  2. trust me..you dont i woke up at 830 to start shoveling house + driveway + front parking space X 5 + the help of a neighbor = getting in here at 1148 and theres more on the way...i heard like another 1 to 2 feet
  3. but hey...***...europe...all you anti war people who werent complete dicks...thanks for giving me a diff view...and challenging my points...very helpful to put my thoughts together...ive been beating a dead horse by going on about it...and being a minority on this board has made it that much worse...and being so mis informed haha...shitty cnn...thanks for posting those pure news sites too...but im done trying to get attention haha PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST lol
  4. *** that has to be the most convincing point i have friends in the military but the funny thing is...they want this war they really dont know any better...but they joined because they wanted to there is no draft and if there was...we obviously dont chase after the dodgers look at our past 2 presidents BUT look at the gulf war...the us casualities were very low...and many from friendly fire if/when we take major cities...most civilians wouldve already been evacuated...ive heard talk about ground forces being used for these erbanaktions...but apaches will probably blow the hell out of it long before they get sent in lets just hope theres no civilian walls...then were the ones getting fucked in the ass...and because of slimballs like him...using human shields...this is why i support it
  5. :( that is what i fear... but that is what i feel this war will stop...fire with fire:confused: ...maybe
  6. but ***, do you think these people would be a lot happier with a reformed government? its doesnt have to be a democrazy...i feel a million people ARENT smarter than one (good nofx song)...but hey...theres a chance it will be better as far as ive seen (which isnt much) but the afghani's seem a lil but happier we really dont know what the majority of iraqi's think we see anti war signs but who knows maybe theres guns behind the camera "keep those hands high"
  7. fear my good friend that makes you safer they made me have fear of them now its our turn tada
  8. thanks :) wow...their almost as dumb as me look...i ramble...arguing a pretty one sided bully war... and all the obviously educated and politically active people are against it but hey...i try:D
  9. would you rather be at risk...or others LIFE ISNT FAIR thats the mature lesson to learn people die...why? because shit happens DEAL WITH IT
  10. i take it back hey ***...sorry to bug for facts again...but when did that whole thing happen? i didnt even know until a few weeks ago...i just figured that bush just liked to talk a lot...not that his words actually meant that he could goto war
  11. when i was lil...i was such a leftist... then i matured i came to the realization that the us is fucked but do i care no and yes left is trendy its fucking obvious is that a bad thing not at all but look at how people view the right all dumb red neck white power people who hate every1 else racist pigs and yes...thats the trendy thing to do...be an asshole grow up and grasp the real world...our government sucks...i hate it...but my family and friends are americans...and if "freedom" is just a propaganda term to get people like me to be goons and get blown up...more power to them if the enemy is wiped out...there is no threat stop thinking left is some underground idea...look at all the democrats...i live in boston...ALL LIBERALS...who are all rich white people...whatever...i bet the twist in joe millionaire is that girl has a 7 inch cock
  12. here here...people make mistakes or strategic decisions...hook him up so they can take care of a bigger enemy
  13. i think these trendy hippy fools would fight too i believe in this war therefore i would fight for it if they believed in it...i bet they would too they just think its a pointless war the reason id fight is so these anti war people can still have the freedom to speak well not really...its just a bonus i do hate the fact that it is become the trendy thing to do is be anti war oh man...yo...yoa...yo...gi...that commercial hit the spot...along with that huge piece of ham...i hope i dont offend vegetarians too...:D
  14. thank you ana for the help with my question and *** for another point of view on it id have to agree with *** on this one...i mean you gotta take the good with the bad thats why im not so anti US my kids will grow up with full bellies and a school to goto our country is fucked socially but hey...nelly might get hit by a stray bomb who knows and the most powerful country is obviously gonna be corrupt
  15. i live in the city so our plow budget is still there...but my girl lives out in the burbs...i guess they ran out of cash...sounds like a fun place to be right now...god bless this mass economy
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