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  1. yo jurne post some of those poofers
  2. this dude is nasty...the vocab pieces are fresh
  3. scartissue i think those SS fillins you are talking about are actually SCS fillins.
  4. girl in the bikini painting straight up sexiest thing i've ever seen in my entire life.
  5. one time i was bombing in manhattan, this is like back in 2000. i was doing a fillin in this parking lot and some cars came so i went to the back of the lot to hide for a bit...i look up and this dude is getting a blowjob on a fire escape from some mad skinny chick. another time i got chased by a fucking lunatic in red hook and had to escape on the front windsheild of a strangers car while coughing up blood. if i told the whole story NOBODY would believe me, if it wasn't for my boy SHU being there i wouldn't even believe that it happened. fuck graffiti
  6. yo someone from jacksonville send me a pm, my boy just moved out there and wants to link up with some heads.
  7. lets see some CURVE action!
  8. always know on wood . when i accidently knock on fake wood, or don't knock on the wood 3 times, i have to knowck on wood 6 more times to make up for the false knocking.....also i don't paint on christmas eve EVER
  9. jedifive nyc


    i always really liked what i saw of his in nyc. that aqua joint with a red outline is really tight.
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