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  1. bump for femme, fuck all shit talking
  2. Oh I didn't know that. That's pretty slick though. I know a lot of times on other polls on other sites you can totally cheat. Oh well what can ya do?
  3. holy shit on that pako! You got doubles of that shit?
  4. Nice post. But the flicks are too big.
  5. Polls are a little to easy to fuck with. I could just sit there and hit refresh 10000 and make one person look like they are winning by a land slide. People still could do the same thing this way but atleast it's a little more diffucult. I'm also trying to get people's opinions that aren't involved in this battle in any way. On another message board people are stateing their opinions but those people's view are very biased since they are good friends with both parties invloved.
  6. There was a recent battle against Her (also known as Mer) AWS and Ment SOA. No one can be a unbiased judge locally so we depend on you. Please post who you feel won this battle. Ment did a Her Piece and his is the white one (on the right). Her (mer) is the one on the left. Thank You. http://freephoto-i.net/users/energizer/DSC00006.jpg'> Ment SOA http://freephoto-i.net/users/energizer/DSC00002.jpg'> Her (Mer) AWS http://freephoto-i.net/users/energizer/DSC00001.jpg'> Her (Mer) and Ment SOA
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