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  1. i've got a piece that still running in Etna from 1998. i find that mildly amusing. its garbage, and on the tracks. But its right across the street from the Police station [pretty much] i wouldn't advise the spot. however, it does need to disappear. rize has prolly seen it.
  2. hahaHA! Sesame Street family viewing type shit. look out.
  3. i rreally dig caseks stuff. i unfortunately cannot find a working version of 3dStudio Max. i do muddle around with photoshop from time to time but i cannot make letter forms for the life of me without my pen tool. the mouse just doesn't cut it. anyway, here is a photo manipulation: http://i.xanga.com/zerolessthani/t/krista4.jpg'>
  4. just for the record: i don't see why the hell everyone is always arguing over this 'why did you put htem down with nsf' shit. its not your crew. shut the fuck up. i come on here to see flicks from these people because they aren't all where i am at. i don't honestly care to see all your chatter and garbage and bickering. if you aren't posting some rad shit that actually pertains to this thread in some form or fashion, don't bother. all this shameless self promotion from you pitsburgh kids is out of control anyway.
  5. Re: i obviously don't care. wow. that has alot of flavor to it. nice work.
  6. Re: nephs ike how about almost 24 hours? for the record, i've been warming up to your stuff as of late. good work man. i do appreciate seeing your hands and throwies around nowadays.. keep up the good work.
  7. these first two are mods of each other.. http://www.pitt.edu/~qwg1/files/eyes2.jpg'> http://www.pitt.edu/~qwg1/files/eyes1.jpg'> this is another desktop i created. http://i.xanga.com/sensnsa/bckgrd.jpg'> let me know what you guys think
  8. thats a very lovely pic. love those devers.
  9. well, now.. i am speechless. amazing work, nice book work, and the sketches are phenominal.
  10. that smae w. evict shit is everywhere. i dig his throws... nice work seak.aesia.evict on that train
  11. haha, i just browsed over all you goofy dooodes at yourspace .. next time you're rollin through Oakland, let me know. you can find me there under q u i n n .. funny shit.
  12. the flashburn didn't do ya justice. that niser jawn is solid gold.. nice work. very nice.
  13. thanks doom. appreciated. and i def agreee nude was super slept on, always had fresh stuff. hitting heights around here before anyone else was. and spaed always had teh wildstyle on lock. i've always looked at all you old heads for inspiratio and i think i'll always look that way. it doesn't hurt when you are always looking up, because theres always something to achieve. and.. everyone misses werk. :cry2:
  14. do yinz have that yelp and what else is above the emef and sovie jawns? [like that? connecting the state in true harmony]
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