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  1. Dope flicks, west coast killin it. Myth Apart, them knows how to use a can. F-it, much love to everyone. We all got to love more. Word up man. Dope freight action can make any fools day. Great post.
  2. Re: fx bingo..this post is hot
  3. dope post who doesn't love cycle
  4. that guilt shit is to hot for words
  5. I can say your obCESed. I can say your perplexed by the styles of FX. I can see clearly now the rain is gone, you a biting mother fucker and your style is all wrong. There was a few times i though you would succed, in this graf game for which i spread me seed. But never the less you have ceased to impress, the only thing getting up is the niggas under your wifeys dresss. You claim a bronx style but were born and raised in dover, rich nj kids, your girl claims to bomb, but drops draws and bends over. I clutch my dewrag to wipe the sweat from my brow, wondering why after all these
  6. do reserch and go paint it's not brain transplants...
  7. those other streaks are amazing
  8. can you say ''undressed''.as in your wifey with other men
  11. werd when it comes to bitin' fx you're the big kuhona ..but beware of ya lady love playin' beach blanket bingo with another graff sprayin' gringo.catch my drift LIKE A GENTLE BREEZE WITH YOU KNOW WHO ON HER KNEES READY TO PLEASE NEW YORK NIGGAZ IN TOMMY HILL DUNGREES.
  12. yo themo, im sending you this email direct to you cause i dont want to call yo out on the 12 oz, but i just got tested and came back positive for HIV. im pretty sure i got it from your girl acet when we ran that train on her with the RTH crew. i just want you to know before i call her up, you need to keep a sock on that pickle man. I have to let everyone else who was there know whats up. this could seriously kill of the intire graff population on the east coast considering how many niggas you let hit it with her. that muff is almost as wide as the holland tunel, you need to watch that nappy du
  13. nigga your comments on originality are as valid as adolf hitler's ghost calling someone anti.semetic .it's like puff daddy rappin' about wack emcees on hot 97.imagine that nigga ronald mcfuckin'donald preaching vegataraism,or a porn star speaking to kids about not sleeping around/your wifey could actually use that talk.why don't you write fortune 500 an essay on millions of dollars in savings ,or talk about flying a spaceship to pluto,because likewise to the money,and the alien spacecraft ''ORGINAL GRAF'' is something you do not have a belton drop of.oze108,and kyt is a better writer than y
  14. saw a skape aom spotted in maryland
  15. yo sorry had to state the facts that b.s. nace emo did was over chip.it has no place on a in memory of a true king.i heard there was more space and he took that spot..how can you show '' tribute ''by at the same time dissing one of nace's best friends. plus that bitch nigga writing stupid messages like kill chip. i am sure nace would not want emo doing any graff for him ,or dissing his crew.this is the last time i will bring up but people need to the real deal.that toy emo gets no repect ever for those stunts forever .from me or many others i talked to on here.case closed.rest in power nace.
  16. yo nigga the same guy talked shit on freight painters on a website interview,as fas as numbers neva seen one besides online.nothing is twisted pfe is alegal wall crew i know personally
  17. Re: aint from fish you that nigga kid holds shit down,repect due...the prez of pfe said on this very board how freights are fo girls,among other things .so y'all get the ''self hate award'' painting freights under the guise that y'all girls...
  18. sorry call em how i see him steady painting bitten clean pieces...oh yeah let's not mistake good looks fo rocks as far as you know who cuz that piece ''rocks'' as much as barry manilow.you know what i'm sprayin'..
  19. i wouldn't mind seeing the erupto could you post it....
  20. you is that the kid from 215 .fishtown represent.if so dope ..pfe on freights [yawn]it is funny when niggaz talk shit on freights then are the last ones on the bandwagon and all about it .next year kevin and company will be an all freight crew or some bullshit like that.waering csx patches and shit.lol
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