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  1. I KNOW HOW IT FEELS I WORK WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. thats bullshit!!! terrorists get there money from the government. they send moeny to this third world countries for food and stuff. but the government in these third world countries dont give a shit about there ppl. they take the moeny to buy missle and guns and shit and send tere ppl here to spy on the american government. drug money goes tot he drug dealers, i dont think they give money to charaties and third world countires.
  3. man you are gay every comment you ever make in every forum you have been to has SUCKED!!!!!!
  4. ask your mom how hung i am! B======D~~~~
  5. there isnt anything wrong with them. but man those little fucks are my ppl mang. but damn i mean i dont suffer from back pains cause i wear the ones with the air sacks in them.
  6. look bro, we all in this shiet together mang. it don matter if i speak in ebonics mang. thats how i was raised m'fucka. you try typing with fo fingers and one eye i can barely see out of. i gotta hunchback too. And a snaggletoof. I'm sad. Can you be my friend?
  7. man just last night i was watching the news and i saw this special about my hometown of Saigon. Man, those motherfuckers are paying my people only $2 / week. Fuck that corporate shit! But I like to wear their shoes though. I don't want them to have my money, so I gank 'em.
  8. do you like yo boss. ma i saw him take home like 2 xboxes and fo playstatoins he even hooked me up with a stick of gum.
  9. bored 1)how old are you? 12 2)are you male or female? male 3)what's the last show/concert you went to? went to strip club 4)how often do you use q-tips? every other week when i shower 5)do you like watermelons? on girls or the fruit (i like both even better the fruit on the girl) 6)do you pluck your nose hairs? i prefer to braid them 7)how much money is in your wallet right now? 1286.55 8)do you own a cell phone? yes 3 9)where do you view 12oz.? work 10)in what country would you most like to live? my own country 11)how many languages can you speak? and which ones? 4 english (barely) vietnamese, spanish, and ebonics 12)what's your favorite subject? in school? lunch 13)do you have tattoo's? and if so how many? none 14)piercings? none 15)do you like your job? this is my job 16)do you have a snaggle tooth? no 17)have you ever made love in the great outdoors? yes 18)most annoying 12oz member? asianf50 and that guy CMEUP (YOU SUCK MAN) 19)do you shoplift? hell yeah (not from the co-op though) 20)are you as bored as i am? yes
  10. just go to www.aim.com and use the aim express.
  11. how do you get a black guy out of the tree? cut the rope. how do you get a black guy out of the river? take your foot off hjis head.
  12. you should get it cause you cant fall asleep while driving. or tell your dad you cant drink and drive with a manual. or smoke.
  13. dood. where can you get a dream like that. working at a dyno shop.
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