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  1. phism

    Look at my funny mail.

    stuff like this makes me wish i believed in god, because the apocalypse is pretty cool.
  2. phism

    Look at my funny mail.

  3. phism

    Why, why why why do they do this crap...

    i want a mexican radio
  4. have black friends march with them, wearing robes without hoods. the pink thing is a good idea too. with a rainbow triangle on the back. and also carry a ghetto blaster like someone suggested, playing nwa and public enemy and dead prez as you walk with them.
  5. phism

    ? to the attached guys

    detached guy: http://gfx.dagbladet.no/nyheter/2004/02/18/bobbitt.jpg'>
  6. phism


    rip richie restivo p.s. i agree with this thread. p.p.s. i think some band has a song called "italian people are pretty fucking cool"
  7. phism

    things i cannot stand about jews

    aids doesn't kill people. oj kills people.
  8. phism

    Terrorist MONKEYS Now

    and they probably don't want you cutting down their trees and building cities.
  9. phism

    Terrorist MONKEYS Now

    go monkeys, fuck people.
  10. sorry, i just thought i'd cut to the chase if we were going to discriminate.
  11. phism

    How do you look at girls

  12. phism

    relationships mean nothing.

  13. phism

    Kryptonite New York lock owners - BEWARE!

    this just makes me want to go around unlocking people's bikes to freak them out.
  14. phism

    NFL 2004 SuperThread...

  15. phism

    Chingo Bling New Mexican rapper

    i fuck bling?