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  1. asteelhorse


    else a: puts in (and has for years) ALOT more work than most, in all arenas b: style did get where it is naturally, look at some old shit c: is a hell of alot cooler than most writers i've met d: disappoints me when he hits up the new homies and not the heavy artillery... can't knock the man. lets see some fucking arows and beats flicks!
  2. beats 73motherfucking7. homie with whom i've lost contact with for like 2 years. thanks for getting me back in, bro.
  3. mr flower flannel:wheres the rest of that beg car?the else arows and bite are all nicer than the beg..when/where did you catch that?i know where it was two days ago....
  4. ceaver..for sho' if your from the bay, you know..the man was a savage.still up more than most.
  5. just got back from what i would suspect is 4get/arows hometown. either that or they were educated there.i love that fucking town. the yard there is nice and sunny on a sunday afternoon. caught a nice quake/wesk/4get, bagged a couple gws myself...lines pull into the hole for days there...it's odd that a very familiar(wink)hopper from the bay is always there every time i am, yets its always in the east bay every time i go there too. anyway, i think i know where 75% of those are.
  6. the saber is, in truth, a slut...but then she always comes back. we first started seeing eachother in 2000?, but its been off and on since then.
  7. caught that jase twice(1 runnin, 1 layed up), seen it here 2-3 times, seen in some mag or other once. quite a bit for one car. grate.
  8. spif-caught the big5(layed up and being loaded/unloaded) & possibly some of those others, 1.5? weeks ago.once again, me/you same line. curiosity, and I think i already know the answer, but are you (generally) north or south?methinks the former...
  9. mr.spif-i swear i catch like 1/2 the same boxes as you either a few days before or a few days after.what up?why no gws these posts? good work, i'm far to lazy for this.
  10. cought that nace/chip gws two weeks ago. spaceman and i-patch, me thinks we are all along the same line, with me in the middle.
  11. it was real nice to see some of these old guys get out there...i mean, fuck, estria? nice. damn near all of those productions came off real nice. i've got good flicks of the king/zore/beats/desie? prod, but no scanner. beats737 is THE hardest working man in showbiz. all night, damn near every night, till dawn. he lives the life, and deserves much more play than he gets.wish i had a scanner for some trains we did. anyway, are they building over that wall, right? ps, the good old oakland u-pull is being torn down. spot was dope.
  12. 13cents short: in my area, someone putting out shit like that would not last long. you might get away with it it bumblefuck wyoming, but if this guy had to compete in a crowded freight scene, he wouldn't last a minute; these would get capped before they left, and not necessarily by me. people might think this is cool if they have only seen graffiti on the internet, but if you've been at it any length of time you would recognize these 'pieces' as monumental wastes or paint. in other words:stick to the walls, boys and girls.
  13. once again: crow, you really should stay off trains, and preferably end your writing "career". you suck; don't let anyone tell you otherwise. i don't know why some of you out there cuddle all the toys on here.
  14. it take it, sir, that this is your backyard? if so...you, sir, are an asshole. i'll be over in twenty minutes. ps^^^zer NEVER rocks.
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