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  1. def_mode

    r.i.p mommy

    Hey, thanks you guys. From the bottom of my heart, i want to thank all of you for your sympathy. Its really hard for me.. Im lost and confused.. I didnt even know that this was going to happen. Even though that she cant see me grow up in life, i bet she is very proud of me. Thanks again. Peace, planONE Rest In Peace Mom ~>7/11/2002<~
  2. http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0QQAvcz0V4okkAs2SOVPFm8NVHvFhczhf0Taj4ltQYZSuuwMX3GxSesnfDyz9eH5nDlha8Ch5fJZZCbeaQE7txvf6I2yoZjQDBGK*ufph0I8/5-28-02-11.jpg'> :crazy:
  3. http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0QQAAAD0V4okkAs2SOVPFm8NVHvFhczhf0Taj4ltQYZSuuwMX3GxSesnfDyz9eH5nDlha8Ch5fJZZCbeaQE7txvf6I2yoZjQDBGK'> sup niggahs.. some hawaii shit.. rookie here
  4. word yo. my fav is haupia, with poi. everytime i go ala'z i go down to the hawaiian mix plate place, i get that for sides. i also like chocolate covered gummi bears.
  5. fuck.. i just took a walk and chilled with some girls.. had a drink, and after went down to my friends graduation.. just that growing up being a teen can get hard.. but i just gotta keep my shit real and focus on more important things.. anyways, peacr'z. plan1'r
  6. fuck everything.. i hope i fucking die. get me the fuck out of this shit world
  7. i think oahu is the most energentic island out of the hawaiian islands. ive been to maui, and hilo.. theyre both great places to visit. but i love this island, oahu. i dont like where i live, its boring and gay. but im raised as a townie, so town represent.
  8. def_mode


    what the fuck are they thinking?! yeah i agree with child molesters.
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