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  1. in progress http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v396/nickelman/sketch.jpg'>
  2. R.I.P. fistoe. and peace to the GPK heads and anyone else mourning the loss of another great influence.
  3. bump for the NM posts! dont see much of that! bump for diversity! and good shit from refleks!
  4. damn i have to say that your styles have progressed alot since you came up here pores. i like to see the new shit all the time. i dont get out enough. JW got like every roofy on the hill. shit, i'm going to have to get it crackin' now that the quarters over and the weather's nice. anyone got old ass elliot/15th W flicks. shit pops off. i need some sleep... jesus. peace to everyone getting up right now, shit makes me happy. now i can go out n check it myself... peepin', maybe even get a new digi. no money allstars 04
  5. i'm not so into the obey shit, but shepard fairey's design work is off the hook. he did a poster for my friend's band that was sick. and i gotta give it to him for getting the whole world to do his dirty work for him.
  6. nice fuckin post grizm shit is filthy
  7. worka

    The Babble

    waaaaaaaaaaaaa! dont talk to al, talk to me!
  8. caboose hey dumptruck, do you have the original version of that short-lived caboose battle?
  9. worka

    The Babble

    al green cbproc@comcast.net
  10. worka

    The Babble

    al green looking for someone?
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