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  1. everything is definitely on the roof. total trash. hilander, i've never met you to say something to you. if you wanna change that then that's up to you. but as far as i'm concerned, i'm just gonna keep doin what i'm doin.
  2. this is by far the dumbest thing i've ever encountered. hmm, emo? not in the least bit. punk? nope, sorry try again. clev piece? the same police that got hemmed by f.h. cops? funny shit kid. where's the 205 crew now right? like it's been said before, handle shit on the street, not on god forsaken 12oz. for the love of god. for my man euthana5ia, this is incredibly gay. fam and filth drive
  3. oh i'm sorry sorry hilander, you may have reason to mouth off at me, seeing you paint under the same bridge in the 'burbs all the time. second, i don't dickride anyone, when you're friends with someone you tend to chill with them. his phone's dead, so i gotta get a hold of him some how. third, the tags that you most likely see of mine, are in the burbs from like 01 so i don't want to here it. i don't see your shit, but you see mine, that's all i need. peace to all who write. jyk fam and filth
  4. let me clarify, the amen i like, the kid is cool. granted it's over rythm, but whatever shit ain't meant to last forever. the other shit, well, opinion is only in the eyes of the beholder. drive jive young kidz
  5. life's not a bitch, life's a beautfiul woman you only call her a bitch cause she won't let you get that pussy...maybe she felt y'all didn't share similar interests or maybe you're just an asshole who can't sweet talk the princess~aesop rock
  6. life's not a bitch, life's a beautiful woman you only call her a bitch cuz she won't let you get that pussy~aesop rock love is for the weak of heart ~my boy perri
  7. a thread about mikro the man, the myth, or so they say. to the kid, who hates getting in the middle of the stupid shit yet always does, rockin a Rekey goatee, with a very large Rustoleum blowup can as a mantle piece, gettin played by every train spot on a friday night, loosing his hat out my van window when yelling "bitch" to some girl, getting free cans of some kids who painted over you and them gettin scared of your presence, the onyx rowdiness in the passenger seat, keeping me up for all hours for no reason( specially at Ale's house), hoping your heart isn't failing, the biggest softy although you say and think otherwise, IUP chaos and the girl with the paint on her pants ~Realm haha, the trips to Walmart and riding around in the electric wheelchair with the jackass sunglasses, this is too long, the day your mom walked in...... ( i had to sorry), rescuing dogs under bridges, paintin everyday of the week, ending all your beef, chasing kids we thought we others, and basically a all around yinzer!! peace dawg, Civic OtK.NdK.Es.Si
  8. mikro, scared of you actually getting flicks the day after shit happens. quite impressive for a guy like yourself. speaking of flicks, where's that production at? nice post. Civic
  9. flea p-nut my boy nando that's all i can think of for now it's late
  10. daterape excessively negative people are uncool...daterape!
  11. re:kristy i know this is a little late and all, but kristy you are just damn beautiful. if only i was a west coast head, ha. much love girl.
  12. that second one is pretty fresh. Civ Value
  13. re: damn, i'm speechless. i wish i was in europe.
  14. CivismES


    Dever & NSF those NSF cats never seize to amazze me. looks like it might be a decent summer in da burgh as far as graff goes. ha, how bout them buccos? peace to all the real cats. Civ Value
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