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  1. people always talking about white kids trying to be black picking up graff....alot of black kids are starting to skate now because they see their favorite pros are black....it doesn't fuckin matter what colour you are as long as you have fun doing what you do....i'm white and i don't think i'm black and i don't want to be black i paint because i like it....tha same reason i skate.....people who say skating is gay are just those kids who tried it and could never do it so they got jealous of everyone else.....makes me sick...if you don't like it then go suck a fat cock...keep your stupid opinions to yourself...if you have nothing useful to contribute to the conversation then step back and learn from what other people know..... :dazed:
  2. MiNd OnE


    I have adobe premiere....i'm not sure if i send it that it will work but i could get you to send the vid to me and i could edit it for you.....but thats all on you....:o
  3. i do solo's sometimes....only when i'm pissed off at the world....thats usually when i walk down the street to the parking lot and hit every cube van in sight....you can't walk around without seeing a cube van with one of my bombs on it......i like goin with other people cuz that way you you can just walk and chill if the 5-0 are comin and then just be like...yo i was just chillin with my boys.....and they'll be like...ok have a good evening....it's all your personal opinion tho :D
  4. In my city there are enough crews....it doesn't really matter....just as long as my crews are getting up and noticed:rolleyes:
  5. this right here is a smart man....knows that if even one person saw it...thenit was all worth the few seconds to hit it....all you have to do is keep wreckin the same spot until they get sick of buffing it and thenit's yours....it's all about who's more mature and the city always wants to be that one.....:dazed: fuck the buff
  6. it all depends on what you're doing....obviously if you're outlining a sick pice your going to use something thin.....just because you probably know you'll fuck up using a stock....if you're filling fats are always nice but you can get away with using a stock...for bombing it's straight up stocks...no doubt about it....and for tagging it's all personal preference....i usually tag stock or ny thins...just what i like :dazed:
  7. FUCK THIS THREAD....this is fuckin stupid....do everyone a favor and don't ever start a thread again....we all know nobody likes the 5-0 why even bother bringing it up?:rolleyes:
  8. sounds like these cats didn't know their rights....i can't stress this enough...KNOW YOUR RIGHTS....if you don't the pigs will run you around until you don't knwo where the fuck you are.... http://www24.brinkster.com/9ign/graf/badcop.html this is all you need to know about your rights....read it and re-read it until you know your rights....be ready for it....they like to play with your head and intimidate you...don't let it happen to you.....play it cool and everything will work out for you...if they don't catch you doing anything they can't charge you with anything....that's the law...but if you admitt anything then you get fucked....don't talk to them unless you are arrested with probable cause :)
  9. MiNd OnE


    Never ratted on yet it's been over 5 years....i can tell you tho...if anyone does rat me and i find out who they are...the blood will be flowing more then my paints :lol:....fuckin rats....:mad:
  10. MiNd OnE


    Area 8 from poland (i think) all action video.....pure trains....very good and you can download it off kazaa..or if you want i can hook you up with a temp ftp address and you can grab it and a bunch of graff clips off me......just e-mail me and i'll hook you up...peace:dazed:
  11. i read ad busters that mag is great....i also see every wall or empty space as a space that needs beautification....i'll do everything in my power to do anything more then a tag because to me that is the lowest for of graff....even if it's just a hollow bomb to make something look better i'm happy with it....but that's if it's in a place where i have enuff time....tags will do fine in high traffic areas.......ads are just corporations trying to contaminate you mind....graff is a way to fight the big corporations....kill everything....although i do have limits...i won't touch churches or peoples houses...somethings just aren't meant to be fuct with.:dazed:
  12. that is some seriously fucked up shit....i wish people would look at the art side of it and say well there are so many artists and gangs are just using it to follow a trend or some shit.....fuck.....why do we always get hated on....:mad: :(
  13. Does anyone have a video clip or link to one for this...that sounds fuckin funny....i would love to see that.
  14. MiNd OnE

    Multiple Crews

    i was only pushin 1 up until like 3 weeks back.....i got added to 2 more which i thought was pretty sick....i think it's an honor to be added to a crew...it's like...well your good enuff to roll with us...welcome to the sqwad......sYc.nEr.dTs.....WhAt?! peace... i ain't no :king: but i sure as hell ain't no sucka..:lol:
  15. i use cheap paints cuz i can't afford the good stuff like all you rich kids....i don't care what kinda paint it is as long as it's sprayin onto a wall i'm ok with it....i have pretty good can control i wouldn't say i've been around a long time...5 years...but i think long enuff to know...over here we can't walk down the street to grab a few cans of rusto....there is only one shop downtown that has montana's i never buy from them....i use the home grown true colorz which are a bit thicker then kry but not much....i always use kry for bombing...i know the value of expensive paint....rich kids who are just comin up piss me off....ANY YOUNG GUNNS WITH MONEY WANNA COME TEST ME :lol: ....i'll burn you with krylons...i'll even let you use your expesnsive shit before i take it from you....fuck the young gunns whoo have no respect for the full krylon pieces....you'll never know the pain of having to cut your outlines cuz the motherfucker decided to drip.....you should go try it and it'll let you know if your a toy..:king:
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