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  1. Jesus Christ angry xbox who are you kidding with that shit you painted. You're in no place to talk about graffiti. Sounds like somebody came to your town and fucked shit up more than you ever will. You sound like a jealous toy.
  2. I think Herby would of been surprised to know even the "nigger artists" as you call it acknowledged who he was and respect him.
  3. I knew somebody was gonna bring this up... did it ever occur to you back in '91 when Oil was getting up there wasn't any magazines or internet access for writers in other cities to know about each other? I think it would be so much better that way. You can't blame somebody for not knowing history of a city that's not their own.
  4. Wow, you're fucking cool! I love how you keep up with gossip like Joan River's wrinkled cunt. Why don't you go sip on some Zimas and read those Martha Stewart magazines to yourself you dirtbag.
  5. If some kid has enough money to travel to New York why the hell would they want to stay in Harlem or Flatbrush?? They hear about those places in fucking rap songs. They wouldn't dare to go there...
  6. Chill out, Melvinakro. Damn New Yorkers are always mad about some shit. Let tourist do what they want to do. If anything, I think the people painting these busy streets are pretty smart. They're getting their shit flicked from left to right by tourist. Nobody said anybody was up more than anybody. You wonder why certain people get their shit flicked more than others... people like to see familiar names. Skrew crushed Atlanta, Twist did SF, and Desa did New York, etc etc, and I've seen it all with my own two eyes. I don't depend on the internet or magazines to know who's "up". So relax... it's just flicks.
  7. What in the world is pussy juice? Does she squeeze her lips together and pour it in a nice glass for ya every morning?
  8. Somebody posted "The Guide To Online Dating" a while ago. You can buy the whole book and it teaches you how to "act" around girls online? I don't get it, but the website showed pretty hot chicks.
  9. Some of that stuff is pretty old... good regardless.
  10. That Twin Cities site is fresh. I saw a lot of old Abuse and Eski stuff I like.
  11. Don't do it, unless those companies are directly paying you. I mean, seriously... what's the point of all that shit anyways. Mass Appeal has too many adverstisments and too much Triple 5 Soul bullshit. I don't care for all the modeling. If you absolutely need a fashion spread, I'd say you get random people off the street and check out what they're wearing, but don't do that whole "Do's" and "Don'ts" thing or else it'll be a total Vice ripoff.
  12. Those UFO characters are fucking cool.
  13. Pretty cool stuff. I don't know about those Movies letters though.
  14. there is one word to describe you http://chuck.forest.net/images/macshow/loser.jpg'> http://feralliving.surreally.com/archives/loser.jpg'> http://www.ebaumsworld.com/loser.jpg'> Okay, so I was bored.
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