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  1. niggas be doin that angry crab dance and shit
  2. watch out for them spinkicks brah
  3. mos_j1


    i second that
  4. atmosphere is dope, but kids bop rocks
  5. mos_j1


    wow!!! talk about reviving my childhood i never knew anyone else called them that i used to have like a huge bag..haha we had some crazy names for them too...like dome tops..haha we had like ethics and certain ways of doing it...and i would constantly look for them everywhere...one time there was a bike parked at mcdonalds...and i saw a real old ass skull on one of the tires...so right in plain view in front of the people eating inside i just went for it and got it.never found srome skulls..just the plain looking ones..8 balls and dice were always a nice find too...and then this of coarse led to hood ornaments....ive been chased and yelled at so many times...i think i was between 11-12 when i was doing this...haha i remember it was like a whole operation...these kids from school lived in the more ghetto part and they were exclusively about the hood ornaments...one time they brought me in a set of wire cutters and an old ass chevy hood emblem...i still have that..i bet i could sell it... seriously im in shock that me and my friends arent the only ones that did this..haha thanks for this thread
  6. ive never been much of a fighter ever but i have been in a few and i think that anything to someone's nose catches them off gauard right from the beginning and distracts them...especially if there's a lot of blood
  7. well i dont drink or smoke but i definitely give props to the dollar menue at ANY fast food place...preferably wendy's though
  8. no i dont believe i was maybe you should look back and read, you know top to bottom, left to right
  9. there are maaaany better commercial albums than illmatic
  10. "Paul Smith, a Sarasota High School dropout" hahaha i love how they make a point of saying this
  11. percentage of people that dont give a fuck 100%
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