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  1. i like Prodegys "Keep It Thro" and "H.N.I.C."
  2. seph1

    r.i.p mommy

    i couldent even imagin what ur going though stay strong bro RIP
  3. -no summer school -the great weather :cool: -waking up at 2 pm -watching sunsets and listening to people under the stairs while smoking a j -pasta with butter and alot of paresan cheese
  4. they get kinda sickening after awile :spent:
  5. i was at santa monica yesterday and i saw this homeless guy wearing just a thong shis was to funny
  6. eazy-e - gimmie that nut
  7. http://www.picturepost.com
  8. "I like my beer cold, my tv loud, and my homosexuals flaming"
  9. what kind of intake and exhaust did you put on your trucks? for me exhaust = sebring intake = air raid -seph
  10. seph1


    i tryed it for my first time this weekend and i took about 15 ballons. i though that shit was tight as fuck but iam sure it really messes you up in the long run... post what you think about that stuff and some fun things to do when ur on it. -seph
  11. My thoughs go out to you and your homies, shame it had to happen to them seph
  12. Why drink and drive when you can smoke and fly?
  13. seph1

    best blunt?

    cuban cigars are illigal because america hates cuba so they made the cigars that come from cuba illigal so cuba wont make any money off us
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