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  1. Dear Franklin, It has recently been brought to my attention by a unamed jamasian that you are attempting to jock my infamous style. If you could be so kindly as to stop, I will avoid telling your mother how bad your being. You know you don't want her to revoke your egg drop soup. Yours Truely, Bradford
  2. this thread will not http://www.12ozprophet.com/ubb/icons/icon31.gif'>
  3. you should add me to friendster. search for wrKr in your user network...
  5. the only thing interesting on this site is channel zero.
  6. yeah...I met that bitch to.
  7. You have some hesitance to accept your power, and sometimes vacillate between "I'm great." and "I'm not okay." All in all, It's perhaps confusing to be bradley, huh? Sometimes it must be difficult for you to get a good personal read on your relationship to your family. Are things difficult on that front about now? You can take it or leave it when party invitation time comes around. That is, some you will take, and others you will kindly decline. Hmmm... So you like to be one person out in the world and another person in the privacy of your own space, eh? Interesting. Does that also mean that you have multiple personalities? (Probably not but then... who knows!? You could be a hard one to figure out! ;-) Well, you could be on a bit of delicate path here, nearing a rendezvous with conflict. You like to think you're a pretty good worker, and organize your things well, keeping details in order and that kind of thing. But what do OTHERS say about you? Probably something akin to "Look out for bradley!" You're probably a bit brusque and given to push your point, though YOU believe you're doing it in an tasteful and orderly way. Others may not agree. (Did you know textbooks are usually theory, and life isn't always so neat and orderly as fits into textbooks?) If indeed your handwriting's sharpness / roundness varies as much as you say it does, then you must have quite an internal conflict between emotions and intellect. Are you having some traumas right now around issues of principle you're trying to figure out? Usually when you resolve some of that peace, your hand should settle down. Hard sometimes to be bradley, isn't it? You probably can't quite figure out why people might not understand you, and you wonder if they have something against you. But really, it's mostly just that your emotional base is so much in flux, that it's often hard to get a handle on who you are! What age are you? Because varying slant in a hand is something which isn't so uncommon for teenagers and people in some extremely stressed times of life, but for most of us in the rest of those groups, wild variability in slant can point to some serious emotional disturbances in life and your ability to deal with them. Does this apply to you? wtf
  8. Let's show our appreciation for appreciating. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. Nah, it only shows people who are in your friendslist posts.
  11. wrkr

    Saul Bass

    Hot saul bass book = 6 Chapters in Design. Also has paul rand. Saul bass is your real daddy.
  12. Word is Born. Excite bike was my shizzel. oh, GT2, MGS, Metroid, Nights, FF1-X, and the first Zelda.
  13. Motorola v70 Cherry Blow Pop mx5 Keys Wallet, $8, Two ATM cards, & 1 Smart Card
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