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  1. they have better ones on adidas.com, pretty cheap too. the 80s olympic ones are cool, the calgary ones are hot.
  2. CountRockula

    is it ok to be gay?

    who cares if someone is gay or not? why judge someone by something as stupid as sexual preference? all you jackasses saying things like "hang fags", clearly have some feelings that they aren't proud of, otherwise they wouldn't be trying to self-validate themselves so much by putting others down. you're not only trying to prove to others that you aren't gay, you're trying to prove it to yourself.
  3. seeking, wasn't there some beef between josh martinez and jel a while ago? i haven't really been keeping up with anticon, so i'm just curious. everyone else, mangina will rape all of your favorite rappers.
  4. eminem robbed at scribble? i don't know about that. it's funny how most of his punchlines showed up on the slim shady lp... as far as the whole "eminem vs. cage" thing goes, cage is pretty much just playing himself. eminem has been smart enough not to give that jackass any more attention, whereas cage just can't let it go. anybody ever heard of Doom Tree? they're from here. they're about to go on tour with josh martinez i believe. they seem to be the best new commers in minneapolis. was josh martinez kicked out of anticon??? hiphop sucks.
  5. i see a major twist influence here...
  6. minneapolis sucks. lokust, that piece at intermedia is stupid fresh.
  7. Re: Re: Actually..your wrong... actually hes from cali, but he definitley is the original.
  8. yeah they rock the mesh trucker style hats, but they can't seem to rock the trucker slang. talk the talk, walk the walk.
  9. i say get them, ive never seen them in that color before. i been tryin to get those chinese air force 1 lows. are you getting these online? if so, where?
  10. everything posted is nice, with the exception of emer. emer akb nts burns the shit outta that kid.
  11. 3 south is the funniest show on tv right now.
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