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  1. DONUT2002


    definetly some of the best frisco stuff ever.
  2. waw.....those pictures are the best. we should keep this thread going forever.
  3. That makes me wanna go to LA
  4. shit!!!!!! espo baby. o yea.
  5. this post should never end.
  6. that aroe is just.....just.........just..........o my god.
  7. OK. First. Krink ina pilot might work but you would have to glue some felt or somethign else as a new nib. Second. You would have no way to apply pressure unless you squeezed ur pilot which in turn would krush ir. Making it a one time use marker. That idea is good for the streaks. Thanks.
  8. He just asked a QUESTION. It is a stick of oil based material that you can buy at any art store for pretty cheap. But they get rubbed off so id say go buy streaks.
  9. r.i.p. spek, best throws ive seen.
  10. DONUT2002

    Throw Up Thread

    shiiiiiiiiiiiit, im feelin that roler throw.
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