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  1. piecing in Boston, it's all where you go to. Wombat, Syte, Craze, Taint, Histoe, Bares, Alone, Cayper, Opiate to name a few, but who rocks the ill locations. Every spot has it's king, then cums the buff. fuck the buff.
  2. DMX says what? <id " the h4nd1e you're a herb
  3. how much attention do the local (hub) bus drivers pay to who rides and who writes. some are nice, some want to squash you. Do they record bus routes and the names associated? Do they report to the authorities or just keep track of who writes wat as a hobby?
  4. .love the grease. it's nice that soccer moms are down to put up their shit, but that is pretty twisted. I say leave the grease there.love the grease. get a grappling hook type thingy.ohgod stickyrice.
  5. I agree, lots of stuff is pointless. If anyone in the Boston area is down to beat down one of those punk herbasses (I know both Sonik3000 and Vodka.s. 10.4. are itching for a fight)- then please by all means, get my facial description from one of my dope ass charecters dork and sneak up from behind. Let it be trash night, and let me be drunk... yes fucking sloppy fun...
  6. what the fuck are wickets? yeah we have those ur tags are reel Loud
  7. by far best thread ever. I want more, I want a digital camera. photorisebostontoo it's so fucking nifty.
  8. I mean if you're going to tag with shit at least act like it's shit and not some stupid sharpie marker handstyle. can you say Alg13RS (Algiers...tee hee hee)
  9. So Sonik....where'd you learn to write graffitti again? YOu must have a big gut from all that jumbalaya, and fried catfish you ol' po-boy!:D
  10. fuck it, fame comes from little kids seeing your shit around town. Idon't give a fuck about getting fame on the net, but I give props, when I see dope pictures on this site. Fuck legal eagles, and the real graffiti knowledge gets passed down from other writers, and it's the shit that you don't read about on the internet.
  11. no way, colors takes the cake. that white one's nothing special.
  12. oh yeah that GUY 323 is up a lot. So how about that basketball player The Boston Celtics? I wanna see them team up n' shit.
  13. yeah, I know it's not in boston either unk crue Kids "R" Us usually not kompetent
  14. Choose one of the following options I e a t s h i t
  15. RD abd skuf just and skuf Mr. Marv and Histo Cope2 and RJay
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