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  1. i like that nace. O,i mean money.
  2. tell your boy alen to get ready for me ill be there in two weeks.
  3. Re: yO have you ever realy looked at some of his shit? this dude got some crazy thoughts in his brain.he has hidden shit in it .not that same ol' wild style .ive never seen two of the same style ever. lots of people try to do that "nerd"style but not everyone can pull it off. his shit is cleaner then most too.
  4. i was watch n vh1 top 50 hiphop dudes of all time and every time the would go to the next dude they would show a street seen and kept flashing a oze b/w fill on a truck. i was like hay thats that nigga big pants.
  5. dkal said he'll met you when ever you gather up the balls to do so!
  6. how is the word"dick ridding"going to come out of someone who use aesop rock as his name?known damn well you ant him>:crazy:
  7. chuck s. tell your friend that use to work with that kid from out here to clean his house because that kid from out here just got nocked and is rolling over hard because got caught. if its not the chuck s. i think it is then never mind. the kid that was is the car with you when that girl lostt control of her car and we got out running .
  8. santa clara countyjail is like a east side union highschool district reunion. if its serioussssss(you dumbass)come threw.this isen't salinas.ill put my #'s in teen angel mag.so your lady can write me.:D
  9. when you know your going to be geting fucked up with your famliy and you know your going to be horny around 2a.m.you bring her along.;) right?
  11. you live in salinas?mind your own fuckn bizz or come to san jo if you need to learn how.or if you want to start a gay ass graff dissing contest hit to what you write.i know you know who i am. AND YEA I STILL RIDE THE V.T.A. IF YOU KIDS WANT TO FIGHT YOU BETTER HURRY UP BECAUSE I HAVE TO GO TURN MY SELF IN SOON.SO SPEED IT UP OR SHUT UP.
  12. Re: . that some funny shit.its even more funny if youve ever been to campbell (the little city theyre really from)you guys are trying to hard to get a rep.just because you guys killed 1 can between 5 of you dont mean you rock!!!!!!!! you dont have a gun so shut up.everytime you say that it just makes me not beleave you more.i want to punch you in your face(s)so meet me some where. check this out everyone.........you hear that?fags is sighn off....dirty deek. dont talk shit back just let me know where to go.:cool:
  13. if you want me to pull my quotes( you know the ones where i say lets meet.you know the ones where all of you dont reply.you know the ones where you stop posting) i dont have time to go out and paint everyday or act like im 15 again. and if this is shit boy ,unlike you my parents dont have money to get me out of county when i get cought.you fuckn pussy. i dont do shit thats going to get buffed the next day.alot of fags like you diss my shit so i know how to get around it.im can wate for your little tagging faze to where off.i have alot of shit running.i write on shit everyday.hunt for it im not going to make it eazy.faggs while you little shits are working at b,k ill be doing letters for b.k. ::crazy:
  14. looking for fuckn shit or just plain shit.....look no mas. http://www.cloutdistribution.com
  15. thats what the cowboys said about buffalo.
  16. well say good by to these not being in a case.thanks big mouth.
  17. fales nice white ride.be sure to drive to the show ok.im tired if takin the bus. yea thats right im 20 somethin an back on the bus. or just dont park it in yout garage.that fool drank a 40 noe put his dick in and filled with piss. hahahhahahahhaha hahahahahha hahahahha hahahahah you suck.hahahahha tryin to kick it and got dogged.hahahahha:)
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