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  1. i wish my yard had a background like that
  2. randomgraffiti updated last week
  3. bump for the bus, is there a bigger flic of it?
  4. and i almost didnt click on it because it was freights from europe, good shit...bump
  5. yeah my scanner is brooken my ass
  6. good ish excpet for that mover freight and the doubles
  7. some of those rock in my opinion
  8. good shit, is that the same flex as the one from tms, i miss my spot like that totally destroyed it then they knocked it down
  9. got to love beer, oh yeah the freights are dope too
  10. a good ol fashioned bump for this
  11. georgepataki

    the bench

    good ish, it was worth checking out
  12. just a good ol' fashion bump for this thread
  13. now why cant i find a job where i stand around doing nothing all day
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