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  1. Krave take your dumb ass to another thread if all your gonna do is whine
  2. When I was 10 I was gettin blazed Everyday.... thank you to all my Santa cruz budz
  3. Judge Grafaroni Lets see some flix of your shit........:idea:
  4. Re: FUCK NO Beef!:heated: :spent: :hatred:
  5. I cant wait to bomb tehas http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00302415f00000001.jpg'> *Corpse* on his visit to Sf http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00302415f00000015.jpg'> *Dayser*
  6. Bump!!! But erase that Nina shit, she is hurtin
  7. Snapple peach iced-tea:king:
  8. No, Your missing the point here. I could use all of your supplies in half a night. those pens lasted me about a month
  9. mops and shit are in another box
  10. ^^ ahahahah youve got enough supplies for maybe one night
  11. King of the "Axis of Awesome" :king:
  12. If you dont start lame threads to begin with you wont have tpo delete them :idea:
  13. Id catch wreck on that tower in the back


    nice, you used painter?
  15. Im there. Fuck Bush and all his bullshit. Fuck how our country tries to bully everyone else. Its just sad how no one has the balls to tell bush to fuck off.. poor saddam.....
  16. I was like fuck the moderators are deleting all of my posts.....:D
  17. No one cares what you think........ post more pictures:chicken:
  18. shit is tight. These kids got nuts for standing up for their beliefs. we all say were rebels but what do we do....we write words on walls. Ima fucking throw some rocks next time im outside
  19. you are cool, we should be friends
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