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  1. great erupto. fuckin A right on i dont know, ya know?
  2. did i mention that we paint it day time too? just when we get bored though.
  3. freight in crazy los angeles Do you have any idea how hard it is to paint freights in L.A.? when i am in L.A. we have our favorite spot that we walk into like we own the place, paint whatever we want, and leave. pretty fuckin lame to make it sound hard core hahaha
  4. hope4 is so depressed he should move to SAN FRANCISCO with the rest of the people who wear all black and hate their lives.
  5. skrew vs. oze 120 pound fag vs 117 pound sissy SKREW is tough? hahha thats as funny as BIG BIRD calling up oze so that he could get his SESAME STREET styles back.
  6. HOLD ON LETTME GET SOME NAPKINS i nut my pants after looking at those freights that were posted. man, were those GOOD. wkt graffiti is just like TSU graffiti. no matter how much they do, nobody cares. it has continued to suck. suck.suck. wkt hasn't done one thing worth mentioning. in the history of san jose, there are plenty of individual writers who have been more up than that whole crew put together. they also arent into fighting. that's good for them.
  7. Are these kids really some hard core surenos? or are they like the rest of those dumb white kids who put three dots next to their name and try to reinvent a cholo tag? white kids from the suberbs.....funny
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