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Everything posted by chetdog

  1. sounds like you talking out yer ass, g. state your name, and some teeth WILLl get knocked out,,,,,fucking clown.
  2. forgot about this one benched in Saskatchewan...ehhh
  3. shall i just state your name for ya... ko...?
  4. and who the fuck are you? you take enough time to build up a new screen name, and ur prolly one of those bitches that walks by when i check you in the street..... you think any of us give two shits, if you like our shit? SMD.
  5. that aint denver g:rolleyes:
  6. 7 logged in viewers 84guests hay
  7. Three personalities and i will fuck em all up g.
  8. Yea. All paint shit aside be a man hit me up bitch i remember you coked out confessing your love for me two nights prior to the events ...i remembering puttin yer broke as s up when you movedout here im the reason yer here...callme be a man... i will have fun fuckin ya up. Even yer crew knows your lying decitful, "yo nigga ill suck yer dick for some coke ways"....anytime putp 39
  9. Cappin chumps... gettem GOES!
  10. them groupies in my bathroom..lol, dont post the one with me playin wit fatties pussy. haha.. Donut, my eos nigguh CIKILLZ
  11. Donut killin em... That mega! Termsss good lokkin kier
  12. Mega Cash Dush Terms...Bump the whole damn family.... Get at me Kier. Capture Interrogate Kill........
  13. one of my fav crews, ether and utah!
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