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  1. great flick indeed, SHOW ME!
  2. When you can talk about it, why yhe fuck can't you post it then?
  3. everybody hates that "euro syles", please show me what you dont like
  4. http://graffiti.xxl.ee/tallinn/PICT0019.JPG'> http://graffiti.xxl.ee/tallinn/PICT0018.JPG'> http://graffiti.xxl.ee/tallinn/PICT0017.JPG'> http://graffiti.xxl.ee/tallinn/cnp_bassein.JPG'> http://graffiti.xxl.ee/tallinn/A_ddict.JPG'> CAPO: http://graffiti.xxl.ee/tallinn/capokadriorg.jpg'> http://graffiti.xxl.ee/tallinn/paraad1.jpg'> http://graffiti.xxl.ee/tallinn/saue.jpg'> http://graffiti.xxl.ee/tallinn/!cid_004301c15343$62ed07e0$d0246bd4@d2l4e3.jpg'> http://graffiti.xxl.ee/tallinn/wall.jpg'> Well what do you think?
  5. http://www.hot.ee/poca/ass.jpg'> and thats me on the picture!!! :o
  6. poca

    Gay writers?

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