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  1. Note to all people, you can not actually lick the walls:o im sure many of us when we were young might have tried that after seeing that movie, its a no no.
  2. Well mate when you have, no license, no school, no job, no money, no alcohol, no girlfriend, dont smoke or do drugs, the internet is the only thing to fall back on during my dull days also referred to as life.
  3. Thats pretty bad in itself even if he didn't quote it right
  4. haha i reckon it is hell funny coming on here to check this beef it cracks me up listening to everyone throwing there one liners around, It is like a high point in my otherwise boring day.:(
  5. hey devilush aren't you a chick?? yet you are saying you want a girl to have nice lips and kiss you?? Well im not complaining i guess:p
  6. Devilush whats the worst thing a guy has done to you, cause once my ex was like sitting on her fence when a guy driving past threw a beer-bottle at her just missing her head
  7. I fully feel sorry for you hey, when i was with my ex, where-ever we would go dirty fucks would stare at her and like she was like ohh i never knew, its fucked what pretty girls have to go through hey. But i swear if i was with her and if anyone would have tried anything i would have gone nuts. Oh well we broke up over some stupid reason and im startign to believe in carma cause now she has a b/f with one ball haha.
  8. Oi before any of you guys think im trying to suck up to IVO, thats not true hey, im just pissed off seeing all this fucking beef on here, it has brought down the credebility of a nice thread and where does it get you?
  9. Hey IVO look how come you get soo damn pissed off at everyone on here, like internet beef is just entertainment man all you should do with it is laugh and move on. Like if you wouldn't have got fully pissed then people would have gone oh well IVO doesn't give a fuck then they wouldnt bother and the beef would have been over but because you have taken there internet beef to heart it has just fueled there emotions and has given them something to do and it is try and get you pissed off. Look most people in oz for sure would know you but when you are at the top people are going to try and bring you down. *Peace* P.S. Those fully new IVO's on graffitirock are mad and full trippy with all them preddy colours :dazed:
  10. well last night 'WILLY wonker and the CHOCOLATE FACTORY' was on, it quite amused me hehe or how bout 'A Few Good Men'
  11. Ok how many of you have been watching movies and noticed something rather perculiar about how it sounds or seems? Well after seeing spiderman i have noticed two things that have really stuck in my head. Ok well what type of general has the name of sloCUM like c'mon i could not be the only person out there would would find the name SLO-CUM sus well i guess i might be but anyways. 2nd thing is spidermans love of his life MJ also known as Mary Jane. How many superheros out there think they can fly from mary-jane huh huh? Well anyways if any of you have any sus or homosexual undertones from movies they have seen this is the place to post em.
  12. hey well since not much has been said today how bout i spark up a convo, What is the closest you have come do dying from surfing or suf-related things, ever been close to drowning or had many sharks round you or anything?? Personally i have nearly drowned, gone head first into a head of water and had sharks chasing a school of fish under me. Well at least it would have been doing something i love. I head first time when i went in somehow i like rolled as i went in and didn't get fucked on :p
  13. its funny listening to people fight on internet, you get heaps of gay undertones being thrown around.
  14. I reckon that twelve oz in in dire need of better photo hosts cause all the ones that people seem to be using fucking crash underneath you. So i reckon i start a thread for people to spread the word on mad hosts that they have discovered and which aren't bastards and close on you. Well i just thought it would be a good idea.
  15. oh and this bit is to Heshiandet Yeh in my state which is towards the north of australia on the eastern side (if ya didn't know, i dont know what yanks are like with australian geography) Anyways yeh i dont normally use a wetty or rashy just straight up boardies when i surf and it is normally pretty warm. but now it is starting to get into winter it is becoming a bit cooler, but the water is still generally fairly warm, but it is the wind that freeses the nipples :P I dont really have much of a quiver cause im not really a local of the surf but i have a 6'3" jacks(which is a product of city beach), and a couple of bodyboards, one of which is a 42" custom x, which burns the water like a hot knife through butter. haha i also have a set of hydro fins which i happened to find on the beach like 6 months apart and they are exactly the same. :D I check out the price and they were retailed at about $160 at this one shop, i was stoked
  16. hey jah how long you been in sydney, cause i didn't think that there was ever much decent waves down there, with exception of a couple of places, like maroubra and curl curl. Well I would say that when you have time it would definately be worth a road trip a bit further north in search of some better waves, It would be fully worth it with some of the best waves in your own backyard, e.g. byron bay or kirra. Im not sure what the waves are spose to be like at the moment but im sure they couldn't be too shabby. If your up for a mission you could also travel south for some fucking decent shit, bells bay or there are some nice spots in south australia and vic. well i probably just sound stupid because you prolly been here long enough to know but oh well.
  17. hey whats the go man is there someone with a major beef with you or some shit i.e. ~wiIIy.wonka~ cause like he talks a lotta shit and makes you sound bad whats the go??
  18. haha this thread is pretty funny hey cause its like state the obvious. You could pick up like lyrics from like elton john or petshop boys and you would have fucking hundreds of quotes that would be gay. You really think elton would have done the songs for lion king without picturing himself as a 'lion king' with the fluffy slipper and the gay purrr
  19. Well i dont know these have prolly already been posted but i reckon there are a few time when a chick is 'off limits' * When she is underage (unless you are too) * When she is related * When she is married (To someone you are likely to see again) * When she has problems with her pussy (need you be told not to touch a dirty bitch) * If she is in a relationship with your mate(Once it is over shes fair game) * If she is a friends sister/mum (that shit would just be fucking weird) * If your mate has already started trying to go her (If he gets rejected tell him before you make your move) Well im sure i haven't really inlightened anyone too much im gust giving you my two cents
  20. Man the way i see it is its bros before hoes, bitches will come and go but friends will always be there and yeh occasionally you will have your fights just like any other realationships. This is like a totally unrelated thing but its about bitches, im starting to believe in carma hey cause that bitch dumped me on the night of our anniversary 11months but that a lot when your young, and well i was pretty hurt hey but this carma shit works like a charm cause her new b/f has only one testicle, i guess its worked in my favour but i'd be pissed to have a girl with only one boob. heheheeheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  21. After reading this thread you guys have made me feel beach sick, you guys here of kirra or burleigh in oz, thats not my local breaks but i just fucking love going down to kirra for a week at a time it has the nicest waves, perfect 1-2.5metre right-hand waves go for bout a hundred metres or so on the best of days and doesn't break onto sharp as shit coral as places you call home, im in love :love2: :love2: :love2:
  22. DvOTeR


    http://www.bumfights.com i made a thread like this like a few weeks ago and heard i was not the first so here ya go
  23. DvOTeR

    The Goats

    Re: YOU LET EM YOUR GOAT!?!? haha i somewhat doubt that as a six year old he would have done this but funny none the less
  24. DvOTeR

    The Goats

    hahaha im sure a goat would be cool to have just as long as it wasn't one of those ones thats holds a grudge, but i heard they chew the fuck out of your grass though.
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