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  1. strizza

    CUTE FTP 4.2

    thanks, but none of em worked.. :( its aight tho... i'ma jus set my calendar back... fuck it..
  2. does anyone have a serial number for this program?
  3. if your the type of person that doesnt do shit, then a girl in a wheelchair probably wouldnt affect your lifestyle... but if you don't then you're prolly better off lookin elsewhere...
  4. strizza


    its no more played out than writin 'one' after yer name, so if its one or oner, it really doesnt matter. you shouldn't be worried about whether its 'played out' and shit, thats just vain. take it or leave it.
  5. aesop rock is a wierdo. i like some of his shit tho... but some of that abstract shit is rediculous.
  6. i am willing to pay this price you speak of.
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