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  1. 'no animal can out-run a greased-up scotsman!' Groundskeeper Willie all the way, och aye!
  2. aye you have to buy the vinyl, their packaging is something else, f#a#infinity is the best for it, but i still don't really know the names of any of the songs the thing i found slightly disappointing about Yanqui U.X.O. is the lack of samples and radio noise etc. which gives the other records a lot of the atmosphere, but it was produced by steve 'uses and endorses heroin' albini, so of course it's still fucking good think i'll go listen to it now actually, cheers
  3. aye, some band alright, amazing live, the super 8 stuff and stills they use when they play really fit the music...some of the other bands on Constellation are worth checking too, A Silver Mount Zion is a side-project with just 3 members of Godspeed, more strings and a bit mellower, the LP 'He Has Left Us Alone...' is well recommended
  4. DJ Shadow : Count & Estimate Nation Of Ulysses : Spectra-Sonic Sound Thomas Schumacher : Good Life Patti Jo : Make Me Believe In You Interpol : Stella Is A Diver And She Was Always Down
  5. i do all kinds of shit at my job, it's a watersports place, most of today was racing around in a powerboat and rescuing kids who'd got their windsurfs stuck on rocks...it beats sitting in front of a computer
  6. top list chief, the first 3 could have been on mine Primal Scream - Accelerator The Stooges - I Wanna Be Your Dog Joy Division - Disorder The Clash - I Fought The Law Pixies - Something Against You Mogwai - R U Still Into It? Mogwai - Come On Die Young (lp) The Smiths - anything Leonard Cohen - Songs Of Love And Hate (lp) Shellac - 1000 Hurts (lp) think i'll be finding this...Sun Ra & His Arkestra - Take The A Train but what are these lot like? never heard of them Fennesz - Field Recordings (lp) Denzel & Huhn - Filet (lp)
  7. melancholy songs that somehow actually make me feel warm and good... Joy Division : Atmosphere...could bring a tear to a glass eye Verve : History...Richard Ashcroft is shite now he's happy Spacemen 3 : So Hot (Wash Away All Of My Tears)...brilliant Primal Scream : Damaged...a song about comedowns, excellent Al Green : Tired Of Being Alone...the right Reverend has it uplifting stuff... Marlenna Shaw : California Soul...impossible not to dance to, while singing every word Toots and The Maytals : Red Gold and Green...or any Toots song actually Elec
  8. and i forgot to mention the outstanding Primal Scream, a bunch of Scottish nutters who've been around for over 15 years, don't know if they're well known in the US, but they've done indie, techno, dub, reggae, hip-hop, funk, punk, jazz, blues, just about everything, working with the likes of Dan The Automator, Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine, Augustus Pablo, David Holmes, George Clinton, Adrian Sherwood, Andy Weatherall, Jah Wobble of P.I.L., Bernie Summer of New Order, and even have Kate Moss singing on their last album
  9. Subhumans...fucking love them (if you mean the UK ones, haven't heard the Canadian Subhumans) and the singer's 2 bands after them, Culture Shock and Citizen Fish, don't usually like ska punk at all, but they did it well, the only other is Operation Ivy of course Black Flag...probably my favourite US punk Dead Kennedys...supposed to play here few months ago, but it was cancelled here for some reason, had no intention of seeing them anyway, no Jello no show Sizzla...just got the Black Woman & Child track, nice stuff, need to hear more DJ Shadow...one of the artists who i
  10. shit man, of course i love Bad Brains! how could i forget!? not a fan of Fishbone though, don't like the slightest hint of metal in my music The Clash i've meant to get some of for ages, i only have a dub version of Bankrobber, which is excellent. but i never realised the Damned had anything like that, will investigate most of the rest i've never heard of, but will look up cheers
  11. Vitalic : La Rock 01...the most bangin techno track i've heard in years, turn it up louder every play Ministry : Thieves...don't like metal, but this does it Beyonce : Crazy In Love...infectious, can't stop shaking my ass to it, haha Siouxsie & The Banshees : Spellbound...didn't realise how amazing it was till i heard it full volume in a club Mogwai : Happy Songs For Happy People...just getting into it, Mogwai Young Team is still the best though Interpol : can't remember the name of the album...a grower
  12. the music i love is punk and reggae, but i mostly go to soul/funk clubs, never punk nights (they're always shite) so i'm after some fucked up punk with a bit of soul, funk or reggae in it, some of the bands i've found so far have been... MC5...obviously mAKE uP...fucking amazing Dub Narcotic...can never find their stuff, what's the best to order? The Slits...3-piece woman band playing punky reggae? perfect P.I.L....what's the best to get? Liquid Liquid...saw them live last month, amazing and a few more of the early 80's New York Noise, UK punk/dub crossove
  13. Stella Artois is weird stuff, i've been drinking a lot of it recently, but it's known as 'wifebeater' here because it gets you crazy drunk compared to other lagers the same strength, no idea why and a pub i go to a lot stocks over 500 different types of beer from around the world, mostly european (no yankee pishwater) having a fucking great time working through them all, some of the memorable ones (that i can remember drinking) have been... Singha from Thailand Zipfer from Austria Warsteiner from Germany Fraoch Heather Ale from Scotland Staropramen from Czech Republic
  14. Blackalicious : Alphabet Aerobics Wayne Smith : Under Me Sleng Teng Beyonce : Crazy In Love Ministry : Burning Inside Phaoroah Sanders & The Cinematic Orchestra : Dawning bonus - The Germs : Fuck You
  15. how about 20 minutes? My Father My King is maybe my favourite Mogwai song, over 20 minutes of Steve Albini produced beautiful noise, based on a Jewish hymn, fucking brilliant
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