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  1. The only reason you are playing drunk now is because you feel stupid. You are hoping everyone will love you again if you blame it on the hennessy.
  2. not nailing, he's coming off like they were on his lap cause they wanted to be like he didn't pay
  3. exactly vinyl junkie, this guy is trying to come off like this is his bedroom, but in that polaroid he just posted he is sitting in exact strip club position, if that was his house his hands would be on the slut.. but they are to the side, cause if you fuckin dare you will get thrown out or get your ass beat.. All I am saying pistol is quit trying to come off like a pimp.. so fuck you, fucking liar ass fuck. talking about thats as close i get to pussy.. and the only thing your getting close to is your right hand! lol but he wants us to believe thats his pad n shit... he will be back later telling everyone he was paying like a little kid to take a picture with santa, oh i mean a strip chic.. and she even signed it for him too!!! lol then he calls me a hater, your just mad cause its all true..
  4. you have girly handwriting.. and if you didn't pay in some form or fashion for blondie to be on ur lap, then your hands wouldn't be where they are... you were given rules, and their was a huge mother fucker watching you don't break them ahaha.. your a loser, u go to strip clubs all day long and your hands are always in that position cause you can't touch you can just nutt your pants, you pansy ass... and you cover your face as if you get up..
  5. damn i wish I could be cool like konflikt, devotes his time into begging 12oz to be a mod..
  6. wow, i fucking care.. every post on this forum all you do is talk about how much more superior you are to everyone else.. and I believe I did ask why.. look again.. idiot.
  7. still mad cause you jerk so much pistol? you hold a grudge, and go back to PG? I don't know where to tell you to go back to since your probably registered on EVERY FUCKING FORUM. i guess its the iloverabbits.com forum..
  8. oh oh sorry.. "pistol" i get it now.. uh huh. now that i can see those polaroids next to your scanner.. yea that clears it up... FUCK YOU lol if thats you they are paid for.. so let me get this straight, do you like to be the rabbit in the role play or do you want them to.. or is it just strictly rabbits? pistol-"you been a vewy vewy bad wabbit, but can you stick your carrot in my ass anyway?"
  9. OK UH... PISTOL FROM LOS ANGELES... RIGHT... I never claimed to be anticon you just went there cause you got nothing else to say.... but are you claiming to be PISTOL 45? being that I know the guy I know your not him.. So don't even go there.. #2 you decided to scan your flicks? and post them.. haha everyone knows thats not you, and look at those nasty ass bitches you call models on your fuckin site.. if you have those bitches on your lap then please use them and not the ugly tj hoes on your site. #3 I bet you were jerking to the rabbit this whole time, fuck pamela anderson when you got Bugs Bunny spreading his legs for you.. #4 I am the one who is perfectly calm and just laughing at you.. you probably got mad that someone actually called you up on your love for animals.. you all jumpy.. did you get some cum in your mouth.. or forgot you just jerked and rubbed the sleep off your eyes.. WORD TO THE WISE! NEVER BUY A USED KEYBOARD!!! ESSPECIALLY FROM PISTOL..
  10. I am not the one saving porn flicks on my computer and adding a rabbits face to them which you also stole from 12oz. but anyways. You appear to not have a life. You are on this forum beyond the ams, and you have thousands of posts.. so, yes, I think your a life jerker. If you weren't you would not have got defensive.. now calm the fuck down before you squirt yourself in the eye "big boy"..
  11. damn PISTOL with 1000+ posts, and a dirty bitches post.. we know you haven't gotten any.. somebody is jerkin...
  12. Then why do you have a problem with the screen name? More educated, no your just proving to be just as cocky as the majority of the 500+ posters on this forum..
  13. ok 'bug' did I claim to be them.. ignorant..
  14. I will agree with you, the rich are gonna get richer and the poor poorer, say goodbye to the middle class.. I agree..
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