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  1. Oh yeah whats up dredz with the sick charachters :lick:
  2. Ariz gets the award for being the only person who took a flick at the jam. good work soldier crikadiculous
  3. Wrong , and neither of you fools are even old enough to get into clubs
  4. Thank you ariz for posting the first actual flick from the jam ! its a shame it took 3 pages to get a flick if anyone has anything else they would like to contribute please do i want to see some of the stuff from saturdays jam and the salt mines peace oh yeah haha dont be carying paint up on coventry they are stopping kids and shaking their back packs and looking at finger tips for paint .
  5. ??????? where are the flicks from the jam ?
  6. I think you have the wrong guy buddy because I dont even paint trains let alone go out to the trash car spot to get them . So if your gonna go paint one and then post it, please do.
  7. my apologies to the city ;) I hope everyone had fun at the feast that went I think theirs a new Verb's piece on a roof top at the bottom of the hillright before the bridge
  8. big thumbs down for not leaving your name thats all .. oh yeah i ride spinners
  9. I have to get some flicks developed but if you went out while the power was out and got some good shit than post it up . In cleveland the cleans were spread out all over the line :lol: get it goin ..
  10. give me pot i'll take you to daytime trains. crikstoner
  11. I'll promise you you arent going to jail and if you bring some hoes we can trade.
  12. bump this on the front page till after the event :rolleyes:
  13. anyone that has a digi send me flicks of any savig or nark battle trying to make a post need flicks though
  14. you should flick them and post em for those of us who dont drive or travle out that way
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