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  1. smoke crack

    Thread Title 10

  2. smoke crack

    12oz Book Club 8:::::::D

    im finding myself board and shut in now that its officially winter..and since im currently in a creative recession with no motivation to draw and whatnot..ive taken up reading....but..all i have to read are the books and magizines in my house..and once im through them i wouldnt even know where to start trying to find GOOD books WORTH reading..so..ive turned here for recommendations............. (if a thread like this already exists just link me...im more than a few beers deep and couldnt find the search thing)
  3. smoke crack

    colts and saints superbowl?

    yeah i saw it a couple weeks ago in north country.
  4. smoke crack

    I want to see you again

    lets see vaj's......vag?
  5. smoke crack

    Armn Hammers

    isto and kerse
  6. smoke crack

    50+ For X-Mas--->AllMetal<---

    why can i never see any of your flicks?
  7. smoke crack

    Freaks get naked

  8. smoke crack

    IT'S BEEN A WHILE.......

    some alright shit...but watching workers work is boring..that fat guy was pretty funny though...you should interview him for the next one.
  9. smoke crack

    Pine Tree Scented Rolling Stock 15

    that jick,setr,stae2 pan am may be one of the best trains of the year. jurne's fbox deserves a mention too. solid post.
  10. smoke crack

    Georgia the Marble Capital of the World...

    fatso and raels
  11. smoke crack


    anyone got those new reakwon mix tapes?
  12. smoke crack

    you're welcome, 100+ all fire!

  13. smoke crack


    seriously..how can those two fucking herbs sit in their little camo tree stand with their fancy shmancy scoped out rifles take out something that cool from 10,000 yards away?....if they brought it down with a poket knife itd be impressive...but this shit is straight pussy. huntings for fags.
  14. smoke crack


    i was hoping this was an ASTRO thread....but still dope...that sware is cool