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  1. PISTOL PISTOL PISTOL....tsk tsk.... That's an interesting collection.... first guy:"man, I'm bored..." Pistol: "HEY! YA wanna see my "pictures of ME and PORNSTARS collection" first guy: "come again"
  2. I think one of my little brothers might be gay too... I'm not sure, but I'm gettin that feeling....man..I don't want to ask though.... so I totally feel you Priest, cause it is a hard thing to bring up...
  3. is that the bunny with shit on its head? MAN I LOVE THAT GUY!! you got a nice rack there girly... and I want one of those shirts... so whats up with sending me some stickers pistol! Hell no I have a better plan....OOLONG undies!!
  4. Thank You! ....Listen to Beardo....because he is smart!
  5. I don't wanna give any one any ideas...but it would be pretty funny if someone came up on 12oz with the sn Carla Thaler...(other than her..obviously) I mean theres a Tyler Durden....hahaha
  6. Dude ...I dont give a fuck! I'm not taking any sides, exept my own side and the side of my personal beliefs! All I'm saying is I greatly GREATLY disagree with this form of action...I do not feel its right....and thats my opinion... Considering that's my opinion... I can't help but feel a little responsible because I am the one who found that site...and I'm the one who brought it to your attention...and now that I think about it...I prolly should've thought twice about doing so.... I am by no means defending her...shot for shot....I'm in agreement...I think it's fucked up that she did this...I feel just as violated...but nonetheless...2 wrongs don't make a right... and I feel 12oz is contradicting its high and mighty rules
  7. ok seeking well lets just encourage a bunch of 16 year olds to go out and fuck up her shit...and while we're at it...lets encourage more people just like her to work that much harder at proving that we are a bunch of ignorant kids who all deserve to be in jail....
  8. Like I said..if youlook it up and do something with it on your own...then what ever..but 12oz does have a rule ..does it not..that we are not supposed to give out peeps personal info... Even if she is a cuntface beotch who can rot for all i give a fuck...Posting her info is wrong...Like i said..this is the opportunity for 12oz to be the bigger person.... She wouldn't be the first or the last to try and deceive us...and when we are deceived we need to maintain our integrity and express our anger with class. Otherwise we are just proving her and her shitty theories and analysis of us true...
  9. No she doesn't... Its not like she was trying to have any of us killed ....she just wants us in jail.... I absolutely with out a doubt do not agree with showing her personal info on here.... I sure don't want to wake up tomorrow with my name address phone number and place of work posted up for all to see.... Suppose she does have personal info about some of us..(which i doubt, but she could) do you want that personal info all over the place... Posting her personal info is just asking for ...thats all I'm saying... suppose someone vandalizes her house or fucks with her or her kids or whatever...it could come back to 12oz...and considerng she didnt break any 12oz rules..she would be constituted a memeber of this site who was not protected by the rules that 12oz has set and enforced on every other thread that broke a rule... So it can come back on 12oz...thats all I'm trying to point out
  10. okay..what with everyone pointing the finger at me like I'm the ENEMY IN DISGUISE...I don'te know how wise it is for me to point this out...but I guess this is more for the moderators than anyone... Granted she lists her name on that site...and shes a sneaky snitch blabla bla...but I absolutely do not agree with you all posting all that personal info about her...if you look it up on your own and do something with it then thats your business...but I do not feel its right to be giving out her actual addy phone number place of work.... Its not like she got any real specific info like that about any of us....and even if she did..she didnt' post any of it... So I think this is the point right here where 12oz needs to be the bigger person...and "protect" (as much flak as I'm sure I'll take for that)even though shes working against us....she's not exploiting any of our identities.... so we can we get some editing please..
  11. OH you stupid fucking assholes! This is Smart: that was uncool to dis the 'one who has your back' again: this person is known as COOL and it is all good apologies may be in order, but... on another note... Hey Tease, she's got some cleavage, eh? Assuming that those are HIS tits...
  12. Secret why is everything about someone else hoeing it with you... Obviously she was trying to cozy up to people to do her job... A SCANDALOUS ASS JOB...nonetheless..but still a job.... yeah i signed her GB too...but its cool...cause I can't be traced to this pc and for bug...I would think she'd say something...I mean considering her rep on the board...but then again...what with having her name on that site...and shit..maybe she'll disappear and reappear as someone new...which she likely will.... What I don't get is...her site is so ANTI ANTI ANTI graffiti..it cracks me up...like I mean..HI why don't you dedicate your life to like...finding murderers or someshit... like Graff is just the fucking death of society OH nooooo here come those big bad writer kids...careful WRITERS ARE THE DEVIL!!! Really it just shows how powerful we are....I mean this chick has dedicated 'thousands of hours' to her anti-graffiti movement...and why? Apparently someone believes there is something to fear in graffiti... and PISTOL those aren't her tits..she just posted them for someone else who didnt know how to post flicks.
  13. sorry i guess this is no time for my retarded jokes
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