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  1. so a line thru the train makes it ok to go over them and leave them sticking out where you can even read the tags? no respect for pioneers that were doing this shit more than a decade before these new jacks. this is why freights are ruined now days..
  2. Originally Posted by Foreign Wips n Fat Cribs (View Original Post) ormie over old dtc kyt heads fuck outta here newjack.. ^^yea looks real dissed huh you can see all around his letters aint shit dissed. "it was dissed it was dissed" famous last words..
  3. ormie over old dtc kyt heads fuck outta here newjack..
  4. the second holy roller looks like a thorn bush o_O
  5. setup oner huh, i like the other setup myself.
  6. a 12oz thread reminds you to look for boxcars in your yard huh. that's great.
  7. wow fiber what are you tupac an pepe is biggie? retarded.
  8. your attitude is going to end up having a lot of these cats fucking up your crews freights. is it worth it?
  9. dog eat dog world on the lines now days. no respect anymore. every week there is new freight turds walking in the yard that have no clue what's going on. if i don't personally know you or respect your time spent on the lines, i'm going to invade your space :)
  10. mecro tight if he in a crew wit them other dudes he need to think about going solo : )
  11. that layup shot is real nice looking. looks like a real peaceful area to paint heh.
  12. you mean prisoners don't use big sledge hammers singing "i've been working on the railroad" anymore?
  13. nothing like waking up to a shitty looking day in seatown!!
  14. man i could sit here all night looking at flicks from this era. sure aint the same anymore..
  15. that maple just took a shit on this whole thread.
  16. Pier

    DTC KYT!!!!!!!!!!

    "I'll show them, I'll post some stickers on their 12oz thread!". 0_o
  17. hah say that to DESN TA better ask about'em..
  18. hbak vans freight lookin cool, kerse really pumpin that 90's style up
  19. cool urine, old dreos whole car.
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