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  1. i get to class on time, i take a shower when i get home.
  2. konflikt, take yer CAPS off, lotta people wont even bother reading yer thread cuz that shit is annoying.
  3. YEAH, FUCK THE MODERATOR THAT BANNED ME! cmon... ban me again, i want you to.
  4. i wanna fuck her while she's cooking, then eat her after im done fucking.
  5. i walk and spit, get on this board just to talk some shit, reply to threads and defy the heads that be causin drips, trips from off the dome, have you walkin home pissed off when i lift off and drop this flow, i get to bustin, straight to the boards cuz this website is still under construction, it aint nuthin, checkin flix cuz its somethin to do, dont take it personal, we aint really makin fun of you, i mean we are and i like it and im a do it again, dont think jus cuz we writers we suppose to be friends, im close to the end, but its just the beginnin of this, i'll bust this freestyle while ya slittin ya wrist, listen to this, or read it and weep its all the same, if you wanna talk shit play the 12ozProphet game.
  6. i always liked seein myer's shit around DC... RIP Myer
  7. i think about killing myself all the time, its pretty sad... i mean theres a lot of good things goin for me, but it always seems that shit never works out the way i want it to; and it happens so often i almost expect shit not to work out... but anyways, i wouldnt kill myself just because itd be too painful for my family and friends, so whatever...
  8. people target this culture because they dont want you to write on their property, it brings down real estate value, and the fact that they associate graffiti with gangs and shit like that... they simply dont understand it. its as simple as that... whenever someone gets up with a quick tag, alot of people dont wanna see it, cant even read it, let alone care about what it says, so they see it as a bunch of scriblling. as for the dollar bill thing, theres no point in enforcing that shit. money isnt being put up on display, because it gets around so quickly... but a wall thats in the public's view will be more of a concern to the public.
  9. yo, that was one of his songs, sorry if you never got his first album. big L, rest in peace.
  10. has anyone else seen that documentary on crop circles that they did on the discovery channel?? and i'm sure there are some real crop circles that are totally unexplainable but they also busted some guys in the process; it turned out to be a crew of graphic designers jus goin out to the fields and usin some rope and some planks... its some crazy shit...they even showed their sketches and what they were gonna do that night... wonderin if anyone else saw that cuz the whole concept is like "field" graffiti. i thought it was tight.
  11. that shit is better than shockwave tetris! hell yeah...
  12. i think banning people is pretty pointless... it only hurts those that take so much pride in all their posts that they worked so hard for.
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