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  1. VIVA LA KABAR FOR PREZ! i nominate another sticky. [edited by me for idiotic caps usage]
  2. like whoah http://images.deviantart.com/large/icon/emoticons/Ninja_Battle.gif'> http://images.deviantart.com/large/icon/emoticons/Ninja_Battle.gif'> http://images.deviantart.com/large/icon/emoticons/Ninja_Battle.gif'>
  3. http://images.deviantart.com/large/icon/emoticons/Ninja_Battle.gif'> ninja style
  4. better believe it http://www.mamselle.ca/images/errordoc.gif'>
  5. http://www.hcpaintball.com/forums/viewthread.php?action=attachment&tid=553&pid=10538'>
  6. Re: Mr. MANG yo KaBar, i'd get that email off with the quickness once mang's peeped it. internet spiders roam forums and bulletin boards for accesible emails which they add to junk email banks. if you don't your ass will get spammed to shit within a couple of months.
  7. let's play who can get a hemorrhage first. http://malord.com/werdup/illusions/blackdots.jpg'>
  8. why is Italy shaped like a boot? because you can't expect to fit all that shit in a sneaker. bringing it back like woah.
  9. what do you call a gay jew? Heblew What's the best thing about an Ethiopian blowjob? You know she'll swallow! Two gays are driving down the street when they see a dog on the side of the road licking his dick. "I sure wish I could do that," said the one gay. To which the other replied, "Don't you think you ought to pet him first??" Why do women take longer than men to reach orgasm? Who cares?
  10. http://media04.devnull.com/up-women-00270.jpg'> beautifuler then me?
  11. i'd prefer the option of popping her tits outta that tank top.
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