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  1. http://www.dumped-online.com/cards/loser.gif'>
  2. Elmo_Hope


    i see nothing, not even red exes
  3. does this dood do comics at all? id like to check some out if he does...fresh stuff
  4. this guy was/is way ahead of his time
  5. has anyone here downloaded photoshop on kazaa? if so did you have any luck getting it to work? i tried once and it didnt seem to work...
  6. gameeee over .......retro king157 take the cake and everything else......:eek:
  7. http://www.stradanove.net/news/images/graffiti/g/gr246.jpg'>
  8. http://www.positivos.com/graffiti/historia/fotos/historia5.jpg'>
  9. Elmo_Hope


    attention whereabouts did you catch this?
  10. djkcj- do justice, kill cmeup...joking your turn... rueom
  11. you should stay focused on the academics because all this graffiti bullshit isnt gonna get you too far in life.
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