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  1. spaceman. what state or part of the us were these found?
  2. i wouldnt fuck with an e2e but if one panel is taken, ive done the other if theres no other cars. ill just write, "not with this guy".
  3. in the snow u just gotta run around in a buncha circles to throw them off ur trail. plus it gets ur blood flowin and gets u warm.
  4. or at least in maxim with the chick from 8 simple rules for a teenage daughter. these 2 are tied on my list of up and coming hot ass chicks.
  5. how can it be any good. look at this weather...like 3 straight weeks of rain already. only like one real summer day. not startin off too well.
  6. cant take credit for this one...at this party we were out on the fire escape and my boy wrote on someone's livingroom window in paint while they were watching tv. we go back in the party and hear "someone wrote on the window upstairs and they called the cops, so whoever did it better leave now. thanks" over the mic. too funny
  7. i could use some girl problems besides not gettin any.
  8. passed out in a car i thought was abandoned but woke up with puke all over me and the car floor with some hatian guy yelling what am i doing in his grandmother's car? i only had a block to my house...guess i couldn't make it.
  9. that face looks more like roger clemens if u ask me
  10. props to RI for the chickie i banged last wknd from cumberland.
  11. my camaro is low enough. this snow wouldnt help but i need a new engine so no car for me.
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