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  1. This is hands down THE most ridiculous thing I have ever laid eyes upon. If you didnt actually go through the trouble of drawing this I would certainly believe it was a joke. Amazing.http://images.deviantart.com/large/indyart/graffiti/wheres_the_gspot.jpg'>
  2. That pizza pie is so fucking amazing! Oh man that shit makes me hungry. I think that they should have painted a sicilian so that you could fit the pie on the whole car. I'm just TRYING to imagine what the general public thought when they saw that shit pull into the station...
  3. MEOW! Not to mention the fact that Easy and Joz (RIP) were a truly dynamic duo. Good God did they and do they still have shit laced up in the territories. An one can still scuffle down upon a main byway such as Flatbush Ave in the Brooks (whatever those dumb oppressive motherfuckers didn't clean) and discover Easy and Joz tags that you can tell were the first ones upon the surfaces. Many, many, many tags still consist upon the surfaces out in different parts of the system. Take the Major Deegan Expressway, for example. I was up on that bitch, Northbound, taking care of some business, a week or so ago and got high when I saw so many Joz throwies along with Easy, but predominantly Joz, cast upon walls where the highway buff paint has worn thin. Man oh man do those two deserve extreme respect due. They came through correct. Correct. Black rusto tags with fat caps galore. Those mofo's came through the proper way. Destroyting the territories out there. All neighborhoods. 1986, 1987, and more. I gotta look for that scanner cable. I've got the pic of the high Joz tag lurking on McDonald Ave. below the F line in Brooklyn which is high up upon an establishment which he wrote 86 next to with that beautiful fat top. Man did that shit give me the chills when I first saw it in like '99, or so. More to come. Can someone fill us in on what had happened to Joz, for I was shocked to hear that he rests in peace. Easy, come out, come out, wherever you are. Go find those Woodsaver Ebony's in the back room somewhere and put the application on the surface. BTW, don't get me started on Tekay TNR (Track 2), Chino BYI, and Trap IF, to name a few others. Astro WWV. Oh man I gotta go find that scanner cable...
  4. Man, OE3 is still locking shit up these days. Word to the bird! When I find that cable to my scanner, I mo submit some flicks I got of OE shit from 81, 82, 83, 84 and so forth. You can still find early 80s OE graf out there. Its too bad that not too many people yeared their tags back in the season. Word to VFR.
  5. VFR is one the illest cats out. PERIOD. He is a man that is true to the game. An amazing writer with amazing and original style. It takes a mature writer with a true love of graf to appreciate the beautiful destruction that this guy produces. When I first started out in like 92-93, I used to not care for his work, but as I understood graf more and more, I have come to understand the beauty of this guy's mentality. Simply put, VF is one of the realest bombers on the streets of NYC today, and for over the past ten years and still going strong. This is a writer that is not doing jump in your face bombing, but subtle spots that catch you off guard when you get lost in a neighborhood that you never heard of and simply don't belong in. This is the beauty of VFR. If you don't understand VFR, then you don't understand street bombing. Peace and respect to VFResh. Writers Killing Shit. PS I don't mean to disrespect those who don't understand, for there are many living in darkness...
  6. Re: Re: call it a gay mess if you want. hahaaha
  7. Finally some good flicks.. good job Colt45.
  8. I hear you brother, but I feel that the photographer should be given credit where its due. Graf is free, but thanks to the one who documents it, we can enjoy it. If it wasnt for the one who documented it, then no one would be able to see it. Whether its on the web, in a book, or in his/her own collection. Thats just my opinion on the subject of posting flicks you didn't take. But I'm not gonna stress it anymore. Its a question of perspective. Is the photograph itself art as well? I mean some photographs technically just suck, but the content may be amazing. On the flip side, some photos can be captured with amazing talent, but may be of a bullshit toy tag--like the kind of photos you see on postcards of stereotypical "NYC graffitti". I feel that the photographer should be given credit for capturing the image. But I'm not stressing that a bibliography follow each post. Perhaps just a "BTW this was taken by so-so", or "I got this double from that guy". Thats all. Food for thought. Peace to HOST and TENZ. NOW BACK TO OUR SHOW... http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/Bran%20US%20DYM/fib%202rage.jpg'> FIB, 2RAGE--my old partner, where are you??, TSS ONE PBS, and TROZ over TSS.
  9. Re: more from the piecing albums...
  10. Yo TEO! Always commin' through with the old hott shit! I love it. I cannot express how much I appreciate your dedication and documentation of that sweet old highway graf! Thank you so much kid! Do you have the rest of the flicks of the Belt Parkway drawbridge where Fib had the filling hanging off the edge. Harbor Blue fill with a black outline? I remember it ALL before it was cleaned. DC had three fillings on those two huts on that bridge. I'd love to see it all. How about the wall across the street from South Shore High School? That shit was amazing back in the days. As far as album covers and the like go. How about where Chino BYI came off in the liner notes of, I think it was, Intelligent Hoodlum. He had the song that sampled James Brown's "Black and Proud" song. Who knows what I'm talkin' bout? Yo REBEL! I'm feeling you 100 on the Verrazano Narrows Bridge graf. When I was a small child commin' up, I remember studying the pieces on the Brooklyn side right by the Belt Parkway. I'd love to see some of that shit in light of some 17 years later. How about writers that have come off in (mostly) rap videos and movies etc.? One can start a whole new thread on that subject alone. To quote some other cat on this thread would be to agree with the fact that family trips were oh-so-special back in the time of the bombardment of those highways. Museums. Straight up! Thats what got me started. But then 1993 rolled along and the buff began. However, keep in mind that that which has been painted over still remains underneath it's protective coating--the so-called buff paint. You can drive the stretch of the Belt and BQE today and see Fib, DC, Jis, Mist, and JA, shit--to name a few--as the buff paint peels off of the Rusto with the Gusto. I know some of you feel me 100 on that. In the 80's, writers thought that the trains would be bombed forever and hence, many didn't flick the beautiful damage that had blessed the subways. Then it all disappeared. The 80's rolled out and the 90's pulled through, and the graf that decorated our highways has thus disappeared as well. Why are there so few flicks circulating today? In the mid-to-late 90's strips of main streets like Flatbush Ave., in Brooklyn, for example, have been totally cleaned of graf. Who has flicks of that stuff? Few perhaps, but not too many. Flick everything now. It will be gone tomorrow. Writers will be forgotten. Legacies will be no more. Peace to the true.
  11. Yo nice flix newyuckshity and MrFunnypants. 'nuff respect! please keep 'em comming! BranOs... P.S. Nicely handled Host! Big up Tenz-Oh!
  12. Thrice deuce! let the walls speak for theyselves... http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/Bran%20US%20DYM/fritz%20perhaps.jpg'> Guess who this is... http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/Bran%20US%20DYM/trap%20oe.jpg'> classic! -- word to Bane http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/Bran%20US%20DYM/fib%20ja.jpg'> Fib STM and and ol' JA XTC classic style http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/Bran%20US%20DYM/rek%20tdf%201989.jpg'> Rek TDF 1989! http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/Bran%20US%20DYM/dc%20dez%20magoo2.jpg'> Classics! http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/Bran%20US%20DYM/tcee.jpg'> And then some... Peace in the middle east. I'm Audi 5000! --Br&n US--
  13. Thank you Tony Teo for your contributions. Nice classic shizznit my nizzy! And thank you Host18 for yours too--some of which I took with me camera (dyin' for some credit here). When I come through with mine, y'all gonna be grinnin' too. Got some STM goodies as well! Nahmean?! **Its nice to be nice, but its more important to be important!** --Yours truly, Bran US DYM
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